Things to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Theme for Beginners

Many individuals focus on features of an array of WordPress themes with an objective to prefer the best suitable theme for their online business in the upcoming days. They have decided to commence their online business in the most attractive manner without compromising their budget, privacy, safety and overall expectations on the business’s outlook. They get confused with a pool of choices whenever they try to get the WordPress theme. They need the complete guidance to choose the most suitable WordPress theme. They can pay attention to the following details and get the best guidance to prefer an ideal WordPress theme. The below points explain the things to consider before choosing a WordPress theme for beginners.


Make an Informed Decision

It is a challenging task to decide on the right WordPress theme soon after you have begun comparing WordPress themes online.  This is because attention-grabbing features of WordPress themes designed by qualified professionals in this sector worldwide.  You can consider the following factors to choose the best WordPress theme as per your requirements.

  1. Audience
  2. Cost
  3. Speed
  4. Design
  5. Mobile friendly
  6. Browser compatibility
  7. SEO
  8. Customization
  9. Security
  10. Ratings and reviews

1. Audience

If you have a plan to do any kind of online business in future, then you have to be aware of your target audience at first. This is because you have to choose the most suitable WordPress theme as per expectations of audience of your business niche. Keep in mind that you have to advertise everything about your online business in front of the right audience on time.

Textual and visual content in the website give the maximum satisfaction to all visitors. However, consider you audience and their expectations while surfing the website.  Pay attention to visual content based WordPress theme when your audience likes to watch videos rather than reading textual content. On the other hand, prefer written content based WordPress theme when your audience likes to read your ideas.

  1. Cost

Free as well as premium WordPress themes are available in our time. Every developer in the most successful WordPress community provides the first-class themes. There are loads of free WordPress themes available at this time. You have to decide on whether you need a free or a premium WordPress theme. But just for your information, most of the free themes are not SEO optimized and the loading speed is not fast. Which is not good for your website.

The main benefits to users of premium WordPress themes in our time are as follows.

  • No attribution links
  • The most unique design
  • The prompt support
  • Updates on a regular basis
  • Very good documentation

However, the main drawbacks for users of premium WordPress themes are as follows.

  • More than estimated price
  • Lots of configuration requirements
  • Unwanted features

But there is a wonderful website for premium WordPress theme from where you can easily buy a premium WordPress theme. The cost will be less than 50 USD and the fee is only one time. The website I am talking about is MyThemeShop from where you can get some top class WordPress themes. At first sign up with MyThemeShop and then select a theme to get the themes in a cheaper price. You will also be able to get some free themes for WordPress blog from MyThemeShop. If you do not know how to install a premium WordPress theme, you can read the article How to Install Premium WordPress Theme for Your Blog

  1. Speed

The most common WordPress themes and the most advanced WordPress themes are available in our time. Once you have planned to take note of every feature of the WordPress theme and appraise its suitability, you have to consider the speed of the WordPress theme.

Bear in mind that the WordPress theme with the fast page loading enhances the use experience and search engine rankings.  If your WordPress theme has the best page loading speed, then you will reap benefits from the maximum conversion rates and online revenue. You can also read my blog How to Improve Blog Loading Speed within 45 Minutes?

  1. Design

The overall design of the WordPress theme has to be related to your online business.  If this theme does not look attractive from top to bottom and show off your online business successfully, then you may unable to achieve your online business goal.  This is worthwhile to prefer and invest in the well-designed WordPress theme.

You can make contact with the most successful designers of WordPress themes and clarify your doubts about anything associated with the overall design of these themes.  You will make a good decision about the real worth of the design of the WordPress theme when you use the demo facility properly.

  1. Mobile friendly

Many users of mobiles nowadays access online stores and engage in shopping from the comfort of their place. They prefer the mobile friendly online shop rather than usual online shop with poor page loading speed.

You have to consider the mobile friendly nature of the WordPress theme without fail. This is because the mobile traffic does not fail to increase the conversion rates and online revenue as you have planned.

  1. Browser compatibility

WordPress themes have to be well compatible with all browsers. This is because target customers or audiences of your online business may use any browser to access your business portal.  Do not forget to check the browser compatibility of a WordPress theme before decide on its quality on the whole.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly WordPress themes and plugins support you to make your wishes about the most successful online business come true.  Take note of the WordPress theme description and make sure that WordPress theme is SEO ready or SEO optimized.

  1. Customization

Almost every WordPress theme in our time has a customization dashboard. Users of these WordPress themes feel comfortable to customize different aspects of their themes. This is because they do not have to change anything in their style sheets. They access this customization dashboard and customize the WordPress theme as per their requirements.

  1. Security

The overall security of the website depends on so many factors like password strength, plugins and hosting.  You have to appraise the quality of the WordPress theme by contacting the most successful WordPress community online.   Integrity of the WordPress theme’s codes affects the safety of the website. Thus, check the integrity of the code of a WordPress theme before investing in it.

Experts in this profession do not fail to reveal real features, pros and cons of WordPress themes. You will get an overview about the security related characteristics of the WordPress theme and make an informed decision as planned.

  1. Ratings and reviews

You can find out the real facts about the quality of the WordPress theme by focusing on the overall ratings and reviews of the WordPress theme.  Customer reviews about every WordPress theme assist you to gain knowledge of benefits and drawbacks while using these themes.

What is My Choice?

 I am blogging in WordPress for the last 4 years using HostGator hosting. I was using default WordPress Twenty Eleven theme. But the default WordPress theme was not SEO friendly and the blog loading speed was really high. Though I had made a lot of customization to the theme, still the SEO score, blog loading speed and mobile friendlyness was not up to the mark. So, I was loosing a good number of mobile visitors for my blog. So, I had decided to switch from a free theme to a premium WordPress theme and found the TruePixel from MyThemeShop a great one to use for my blog. I bought the theme for only 47$. After installing the theme, my blog loads really fast, the theme is already SEO optimized, mobile friendly and also Google Adsense optimized.

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