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Google is the popular site and thus makes its design and everything liked by its user’s .The clean layouts of Google are the main factor. That can not only used for websites but blogs as well. At present we are available with two WordPress themes which are free.


Installation of WordPress Themes:-

These are very easy to download .The themes are particularly zip files which can be downloaded from anywhere on the internet.It’s just to obey few steps and the zip files just needs unzipping into the correct directory of WordPress systems, which activates the theme from WordPress administration.

WordPress Themes or Template Structures :

To download the process of downloading WordPress themes accurately it just needs the right method which you need to understand that hoe these systems are interactive towards the themes. These themes require 3 important files in a particular manner with the administration of WordPress. These files are explained as under.

1. PHP files an index: -These files control the blog of a WordPress. These themes also include various other files that are the representatives of WordPress several sections in fact the only required and important file is the PHP file.

2.CSS file: – These files are controllers of the appearance and layouts for the WordPress websites which are making use of definitions .CSS also contains the information that is essential to manage sections of themes to display WordPress theme’s name,description,version and author.

3. Screenshots: -these are used in creating previews of the related themes which are present in the administration of WordPress and also manage the theme sections. These can be usual graphic files (gif, png, jpg) but these require names “screenshots “Such as screenshot jpg, screenshot gif and screenshot png. If you are creating themes with the help of designers than there is no need to worry if not so to ensure the basic files you can go on for double checking installing.

Directories of WordPress :

There are 3 folders in the directory (root)

  • WP-includes
  • WP-admin
  • WP-content.

There is a folder under the WP-content which is named as themes. There you can place the folder that contains your themes. Lets understand this with the help of an example. Let’s consider a man wants to create a recipe blog. The theme e knows are the recipe and the structure of the folder will appear as:-

  • Blog will be recipe
  • The index will be named as the PHP file
  • Style will be css
  • And png screen shots.

This theme as discussed above will be a zip packed file. To use the zip file it will first need the unzipping after that uploading into the folder of WordPress themes. If a person already has installed under the directory like blogs and on the web then the structure of the directory will appear as

How to Activate WordPress Themes:-

After uploading themes the accurate directory goes into the administration of the WordPress for activation. After logging in the section of admin goes to Appearances->Themes .There you will find your installed theme and you can manage the blog theme pages after that.

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