5 High PR Free Bonus Backlinks for Your Blog

Before discovering the ways to get high PR free bonus backlinks for your website, I want to tell you, people argue a lot whether backlinks in SEO are still alive or not. But from my point of view, backlink is not only important for SEO but also important to get some additional traffic for your blog or website. When you create a backlink whether it is a nofollow or dofollow, the clickable link still remains in that website which is a great source of traffic. Besides these, I still believe, your site gets some link juice if you get some backlinks from high authority and high PR reliable sites.

In this article I am going to show you 5 locations from where you can get 5 High PR Free Bonus Backlinks for Your Blog and the sites are reliable and reputed. Below is the list of those 5 websites:

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1. Microsoft:

WoW! Microsoft? Yes, you can get a backlink from Microsoft website and it is very simple and easy.


1. Log in to Microsoft Community website using your Hotmail id and password.

2. If you do not have any hotmail id or password, create one and then sign in.

3. Create a profile.

4. Edit profile and you will be able to insert a website link in your Profile page. If you take part in answer and question forums, you will be able to add more links inside your post.

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2. TED:

Getting one backlink from TED is very simple and easy.

1. Go to the TED website.

2. Sign in and if you do not have any account sign up.

3. Go to your profile page and edit profile.

4. You will be able to add your website link in your profile page.

3. Alltop:

Alltop is a wonderful site to add your blog. This site shows feed from all the popular blogs from all over the world. The blogs are also categorized in different categories.


1. At the bottom of the website you will find one tab named “Submissions”. Just click on it and you will be able to either log in or register for Alltop.

2. Once your are logged in, Submit your blog in the appropriate category.

3. After some days, you will get one notification about the confirmation of your submission.

4. Blogadda:

Blogadda is a PR5 blog directory and you can also list your blog easily in this high quality blog directory.

1. Sign in if you have one account with Blogadda or sign up using your email address.

2. After signing up, sign in and go to the “My Account” tab.

3. You will see one tab named “Submit Your Blog” under my account.

4. Now submit your blog and your blog will become approved within couple of days.

5. Mozilla:

Yes, I am talking about Mozilla Firefox. You can get one backlink from your profile page easily.

1. Sign in or Register in Mozilla.

2. Go to your profile page.

3. Edit profile and add your blog url. All done!

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