Route 66 to Start Blogging: Which Blogging Platform to Choose?

Readers, this time I am going to start from the very beginning of starting a blog. If you have got an aim to start your own blog and not want to write just for entertain others or to provide information to others, rather want to earn a little amount of bucks from your own blog, then this will be the “Route 66” of your journey! Not going to give a long introduction to start this post.


Free Blogging Platform or a Paid One – Which Blogging Platform to Choose?

Just to inform you, from my own experience of blogging, the first thing that you will get confused while starting a blog is while choosing a blogging platform. I hope you know that there are lot of platforms available on the web through which you can write your blogs. Personally, I started blogging using free Blogspot blogging platform. I write for my own Blogspot blog for around one year. But initially I have found that people do not give their attention to free things. May be this a normal human behavior. Though I was reading some good content with some latest information, but people were not that much interested to provide their attention to my blog as they had found that the domain name that I am using is a free domain which is blogspot. So, I made my mind to buy one domain for a new blog. Within one day I bought one new blog domain for my new blog. Now the question comes, as you are registering one domain for your blog and you will not be able to change it later, how to choose it? If you have not decided yet, how to choose one domain name for your blog, here is your answer- just read the blog, Custom Domain Name for your Blog

There are various domain registration platforms throughout the web. You can buy one hosting with a domain name or you can buy one domain from Google and host your blog in Google itself. What I suggest is that, buy your domain and web hosting fro a good hosting provider. I am suggesting like this because if you buy one domain from Google you will not be able to use the hosting other than blogger platform. But from my point of view WordPress is more flexible while blogging. Below are the reasons why I think that WordPress is the best blogging platform.

You can read the post Blogging Platforms – The Best And Worst !” which is provide your a clear idea about the best and worst blogging platforms in the web.

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Why WordPress for Blogging?

I want to let you know that I have used both Blogger and WordPress, which are the most popular blogging platforms. I still have live blogs both in blogger and WordPress. From my experience, I want to let you know that WordPress is just awesome while blogging. You will get a lot of customization option in your blog, which you will not get in Blogger. Though blogger will provide you’re a very simple user platform but if you want to spice up your blog or want to give your blog a decent look then there is not option rather choosing WordPress. Below I am providing some reason why WordPress is the best blogging platform: (You can also refer to WordPress Vs Blogger, which Gives the Best Blogging Experience?)

  1. WordPress will provide you a lot of free plugin, which you can easily integrate in your blog and you can spice up your blog with different stunning things. You will be able to install those plugins from the Dashboard of your WordPress blog and this is very easy. I know a great plugin to show the popular posts of your blog. You can check this out for your own blog, Engadget Style Free Popular Post Plugin for WordPress. So, this is an added advantage which you can get from WordPress. You can install plugins for blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (you can read the post Top Tips For Improving Search Rankings ), link building (you can read the post 10 Best Link Building Strategy), using popular post plugin and lot more. You can search with the word “free wordpress plugins” and you will be able to find a lot! This facility is just awesome in WordPress.

However, to start blog in WordPress, you will have to host your WordPress blog by your own. I use Hostgator hosting for my blog TechnTechie. I am using this web hosting service for the last 4 years and I did not face any problem. Their service is awesome. You will get 24×7 online service and if there is any problem, the problem will get solved within 10 minutes. The customer service managers from Hostgator as also experienced. They know what is your problem and they give your support until your problem gets fixed. I really like this hosting provider. 

2. WordPress provides you a better weblog style and your blog looks more professional than blogger. Actually you can judge those in real time. You can check any two blogs, one in blogger and one in WordPress. You will be able to find the difference. You will also be able to change the webdesign of your blog. If you want to get some idea about a decent blog design then you can refer to the blog Appealing and Modest Appearance of Your Website There are lot of tricks to change the design of your wordpress blog in my blog TechnTechie and you will be able to do those easily.

Below are some tricks to customize the WordPress design:

* If you want to change the header image of your WordPress blog then you can read the article How To Customize Your WordPress Header With A Stunning Picture?. It will definitely help you to change the blog header and your blog design will just get a new dimension.

* If you are using the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme then the article WordPress Twenty Eleven Customizing Tips and Tricks  will give you a good number of tips to change the design of your WordPress blog.

3. The posting dashboard in WordPress is so simple and through this simplicity you will be able to add a lot of beautiful things in your blog post. Like you can add video, image, image title, you can interlink your article keywords with another blogpost if you just add one simple plugin in WordPress.

The above three are the main points which makes me suggest that you should choose WordPress over blogger. You will find another hundreds, yes I am not kidding, hundreds of reasons to choose WordPress over Blogger.

Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. The dashboard of this WordPress is the only place where he does not feel tired!

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