10 Best Link Building Strategy

The most important part of every link building is to do it at a natural rate. Or drip feeding as its called. Link building naturally and not intervening can be very difficult that is why so many people make the mistake of buying links which is one of the biggest mistake you can make. White SEO is the only way to get sustained results. There are many methods of link building but there are always better ways, I will share with you my methods with you today.

Best_Link_Building_Strategy1) Blog-Commenting still one of the many methods people use to build link. It has still been proved effective by many SEO expects. Google blogs with comment luv and comment on them a simple backlinks has been created.

2) Social Bookmarking Sites Many websites offer you the chance to write an article for them if you keep it High Quality you will get a effective backlinks use sites like social-lux.com etc.

3) Guest Posting is a great idea for backlinks and to get targeted traffic. It can be hard at first to find blogs that allow guest posting. Just leave an anchor link after the post.

4) Quality is better than quantity by quality I mean 400 word articles on a particular subject submitted to several article directory sites or social bookmarking sites.

5) Original content is the most important part of SEO. Don’t even dare to copy other websites content trust me you will get penalized or your backlinks won’t get indexed. I have noticed even spinning article can still not work, keep it simple and right your own content.

6) Submit your link to free directory submission websites like dmoz, yahoo directory ,websquash.

7) Build links at a natural rate 10-15 link a day don’t only build dofollow links mix it up with nofollow also.

8) Register on forums about the same subject as your site, Then leave your link on the signature and post around.

9) Keep it constant don’t build 400 links at one one go then leave it like that. Natural don’t ever forget that.

10) Create a Squidoo lens page like this if you really want.

Well thank you for reading my article and I hope you find HQ links to dominate Google with. Don’t worry if your links don’t get indexed right away wait 2-3 weeks, remember Google has an index rate of 3:10 not all your backlinks will count keep trying though Seo Johannesburg .

Himadri is a part time blogger. He loves to write on technology and technology related tips & tricks. Blogging is his passion! He is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.

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