Powerful Hidden Features of iPhone To Make Life Easy

These powerful hidden features of iPhone are built in features with iPhone operating system iOS. Anyone using an iPhone can make good use of these powerful hidden features of iPhone. The point of writing the article is to let all the users know that these features are available and how to use those features. I am going to describe the features below with some image with it.


1. Slide Up To Make Your Life Easy


I have seen a lot of people do not know that if they slide upwards the home screen, they will get shortcut of a lot of features like calculator, torch light, Aeroplane mode, Bluetooth, volume, lock to rotate screen, camera and play music feature. I have seen people to open calculator they go to the extras first and then open it. But the calculator is in your fingertip. Just slide up the home screen and you can get all the above mentioned features.

2.Edit Your Image in iPhone


If you have iPhone, you do not need any external photo editing software to edit your picture. The photo editing option to edit your picture is one of the powerful hidden features of iPhone. You will be able to:

  • Crop the picture
  • Rotate the picture
  • Adjust the brightness of your image
  • Adjust black and white ratio
  • Get pictures with different color combination

When I take a picture using my iPhone and upload it in the Facebook or in the web, I always use the editing feature to edit the picture. This works fine for me. I do not feel any necessity of an external photo editing tool or app as the editing feature is really powerful.

3.Read a PDF or Word Document or an eBook


iBooks in iPhone is a nice inbuilt app to read any documents or books. If you have an iPhone with bigger screen, you do not need an eBook reader. You can easily read a book or any document using iBooks. Please open the PDF or Word document with iBooks, save it and read it.

4.Print Document from iPhone

Just for your information, you can also print document from your iPhone. Open your word or PDF document, then click on the app share icon (upward arrow on the top right hand side of the screen) to print. You will get an option to print the document. If your iPhone is connected to a printer, you will be able to print the document. Before printing the document please make sure the AirPrint enabled printer is connected to the same WiFi network that you are using for data. Most of the printers have the AirPrint option which allows you to print from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch.

5.Make Typing on iPhone an Easy Task For You

  • Write full stop using space bar: If you are too lazy to type a full stop don’t worry. Just write the word then press “Space” two times. One full stop will automatically get added after the word.
  • Undo typing: If you want to undo something while typing, just shake the iPhone twice, then you will find the Undo option. Click on it and you will be able to undo what you have typed.
  • Automatically switch from number keyboard to letter keyboard: If you want to type a number and then automatically go to the letter keyboard then press the number button to go to number keyboard + continue to the number box touching the screen all the way down to the appropriate number tab. Now, the keyboard will automatically get converted to the letter keyboard.
  • Delete the most recent number in your calculator: If you use calculator a lot in your iPhone, to delete the most recent number scroll back and the most recent number will get deleted. This is a cool trick in typing.
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6.Create a Signature or Shortcut While Typing


Creating shortcut or signature is an another powerful hidden features of iPhone which is not used by every user. Every now and then we use mobile text message to communicate with each other. We also exchange text message for co-operate communication or for official communication. As the iPhone is having a touch screen keypad, though they are super sensitive and accurate, if we try to type a long text message, sometimes we get typos. This is not good when you send one text message with typos to your boss or a professional person. So, the polite way to let the other person know that you are aware of the typos but as you are using the touch pad key, you request the other person to disregard the typos inside your text message. So, the best way to do it is to insert one signature in your text message or to create shortcuts in your keyboard. Like you will only write “bb” + space bar and it will automatically generate “Sorry for typos”. So, how will we be able to do that? The process to do this is simple if you just follow the below steps:

  • Press the “Menu” button of your iPhone and go to “Settings”.
  • In the Settings, you will get one tab named “General”.
  • Now click on “Keyboard”.
  • Click on “Text Replacement”
  • Now click on the + and write the phrase you want to replace with your shortcut. In the example I have written “***Plz Ignore Typos***” and I will represent this with pp. Now save it.
  • Now check on your keypad. In the image it shows if I type pp it automatically converts it to “***Plz Ignore Typos***”. Magic, right!!

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7.Turn on the LED Flash Button on Notification


If you want to flash the LED which is on the back side of the screen and just beside the camera, you can do it easily. Go to Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Scroll down to get the LED flash for alerts tab >> turn it on. Now the LED flash light will flash when you will get any notification from your iPhone apps.

8.Take Screenshot on iPhone

This is a very useful feature and people use it a lot to take the screenshot and send someone. This is really easy to take the screenshot. Press the sleep/awake button (which is on the upper right side on the iPhone body) +  menu button at the same time and you will get the screenshot.

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