How To Remove Personal Information From Image?


I am sure that you know the person in the above picture.His video of Gangnam Style is the most viewed YouTube video in the history of YouTube.He is PSY, the singer of Gangnam Style.Now he is one of the famous and popular person in the world.So as his picture has got most popular in the web.

But do you know that when you will download the picture, you will be able to know the name of the camea by which this picture was taken? This is also possible to know the model of the camera, the actual longitude and latitude, date on which the picture was taken.These are all personal information, right? So, we do not want to share this with everybody before uploading the picture in the web.So, what is the option through which we will be able to remove those personal information from the picture?

How to Remove Personal Information from Image or Picture?

The information about which i am talking is stored in each and every image taken by a digital camera in the from of EXIF tags.Any person will be able to extract it with the help of the Windows Explored or with the help of any basic image editor.You can see the below picture is taken by me and i right clicked on the picture and then i have got one option named “Properties” then i clicked on “Properties” and i have got one window where there is another tab named “Details” and searched in that window and got the below information about my camera and picture:


Now the question comes how to remove those information from your picture? The answer is simple.There are a lot of simple and easy applications through which you will be able to remove your personal information from your picture before you upload it in the web.

You can remove these data using QuickFix and you just need to drag and drop you image in QuickFix and then you will be able to clear all your meta data.Just click the clean meta data button and you will be able to remove all the data.

Microsoft also allows you one free tool and that is Pro Photo Tools, which can also be used to remove information from image.

The Best Alternative and Easy Way to Remove Personal Information From Image:

The best alternative and easy way to remove the personal image information from the image is just right click on your image and then you need to click on “Properties” and in that window you will see below “Remove Properties and Personal information” and after that you will be able to remove the information that you want to remove.This is very simple right!You can also select multiple image and do it easily.You can also check the YouTube video to make it more clear.If it is helpful then share it with your friends.

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