How to Take Screenshot of A Full Webpage?

Friends i know that you know how to take screenshot of a page.But i am telling about how to take screenshot of a full webpage.This means that though some parts of the screen is not visible on your computer screen but still you need to take screenshot of that part.Is it possible? The answer is yes.This is very much possible.Below i am telling you how you will be able to take screenshot of a full page:

Take Screenshot of A Full Webpage:

1. If you are using Google Chrome then just go to Chrome Web Store.

2. Then search for one Add-on named “Screen-Capture” and in the extension tab you will be able to get this add on in the position number one.

3. Now Click “Add-To Chrome” and your Add-on will get added with your Chrome browser.The add on icon will show in the right side corner of your browser like below:


From the above picture you can see that if you click on the “Screen-Capture” add on icon then in the drop down you will see one box will be visible.

In that box you will see one option named “Capture Whole Page”.If you click on it then the Google Chrome browser will automatically scroll down up to the bottom.You need to wait for a while after click on that option.

Then when the screen capture is finished, it will ask for download location.Then you can set your download location.

Also you will be able to set the auto download location before you take the screenshot.For that, at first you need to click on the “option” tab and then on window like below will come:


You can see that the red arrow indicates where you need to set up your download option.Then you need to check mark the “Autosave” option.Now you are done.Now you will  be able to take the full page screenshot just by clicking one button and your image will get saved in the desired folder that your have already set.

You will be able to set two type of quality of the picture.If you choose lossy screenshot then  your image will save as JPEG.But the advantage is that the size of the image will be less.So, you will be able to send those through email easily.

If you choose lossless screenshot then your image will get saved as PNG format.Which is bit large in size.Though the quality is fine.You can store it in your pc or can transfer those screenshots though pen-drive or flash-drive. But not suitable for transferring through email as those are large in size.

Hope that the above tips will help you to take one nice full page screenshot in future.If you like the post then share it with your friends in social media.You can check my advertise page where i have taken screenshot of my full webpage.

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