How to Add Subtitle in a Movie without Subtitle?

Friends, I am sure that you watch a lot of movie either from Bollywood or Hollywood and enjoy your time by watching movies. Specially during weekends or on Saturday night most of the people want to enjoy a movie on their own Desktop or Laptop with friends and family. There are lot of sites online also from where people get the chance to watch movie and there are also a lot of sites from which you can download latest movies. In these days who live out side USA, most of the time they download movie from some site as they get little chance to watch it in theater. For those people who do not know which are the appropriate sites to download Hollywood or Bollywood movies, for them I have already wrote two posts and just by following the procedures or instructions in the post they can easily download movies and watch those movies in their laptop or desktop. The articles are How to Download Movie from Extratorrent? or Download Movies for Free from Doridro.

From Where the Necessity of Adding Subtitle Comes?

After downloading one movie from online you will see that with most of the movies there is no subtitle. Those who are not native English speakers, they face problem while listening the dialogues of the movie and they only way out for them is to follow the subtitles. So, it becomes very difficult for them to get the story from the movie from the subtitle. But this is not a big problem. You can easily solve the problem which some simple tricks. You just need to follow the below simple instructions.

How to Add Subtitle in a Movie?


From the above picture you can see that I am watching one movie and the name of the movie is “About Time”. I am watching the movie in “VLC Media Player”. So, to get the subtitle I just right clicked on the movie screen and there is one tab named “Subtitle”. If you hover your mouse on that tab, you will get another tab which shows “Add Subtitle File”. If you click on it and if you do not have any subtitle file after downloading the movie, then you will not be able to enable the subtitle. But the trick through which you can enable subtitle even in this video file is below:

Trick 1: There is a great site named through which you can download subtitle for a specific movie. As I am watching “About Time”, I just searched the website with the movie name and I have found the subtitles. You can get not only English subtitle but also there are also subtitles in different languages.

Trick 2: Now you need to download your desired subtitle. Like I did here:


Trick 3: Now you will get your subtitle file in a .rar format and you need to extract that and from that file you need to use the file. Actually you need to copy this to your movie folder that you have downloaded and right clicking on the movie screen and selecting the “Subtitle> Add Subtitle File> Then adding subtitle file that you just downloaded “ you will be able to get the subtitles in your downloaded movie which was without subtitle. I think the procedure is very simple and easy and just by doing this you can enjoy the movie at its fullest. Let me know through comments if you face any difficulty while adding the subtitle. Also please share your opinion about the post whether it helped you or not.

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