How To Download Movie From Extratorrent?

Download movie from Extratorrent if you want to watch it in your home. Extratorrent is a mega zone from where you will be able to download any kind of movies (including latest and old movies) which are uploaded in Extratorret. If you search in Extratorrent you will get a lot of movies. I am sure you will get the movie that you want to watch. May be you have tried to download movie using torrent file and after failing you are searching for the option about how to download movie from a torrent site.There are a lot of movies which are available in some torrent download sites.You can download those movies and can watch those easily if you know how to download movies from torrent files. So, read below to know how to download movie from Extratorrent.

How to Download Movie from Extratorrent:

Below I am explaining how to download movie from Extratorrent.This is easy! Just follow the below simple steps.

1 To download movies from Extratorrent you need to use one downlaoader software which is named as Bit Torrent.You can download Bit Torrent from here.After downloading install it in your PC.

2. Now search in Extratorrent site or in Pirate Bay for the movie or the file that you want to download.

3.If you get the file or the movie then click on the movie file and you will get a screen like below:


4. Now click on ‘Download Torrent” and your torrent file will get downloaded within 2-3 seconds.Now go to the place where your torrent file got downloaded.

5. Now “double click” on the torrent file you have downloaded.

6. Now if you have downloaded and installed your “Bit Torrent” software correctly (you will get one icon of Bit torrent software in the desktop if it is installed properly.) you will get the below screen:


Now click on “OK” and your movie will start downloading. This article will also be very helpful for you How to Add Subtitle in a Movie without Subtitle?

6. You will also get the estimated time to get your movie downloaded.Wait for that time and your movie will get downloaded.

YouTube Tutorial in TechnTechie YouTube Channel:

If you do not have Torrent download facility in your country then you can also check my article to know how to download movies for free from or you can also watch latest Bollywood or Hollywood movies for free from some online movie watching sites. To know how to watch latest movies online you can read the article 5 Best Online Movie Watching Sites for Geeks.

The advantages of downloading like this is the download will not get aborted if you close your pc.You can again resume your download when you will again start your pc.After closing your pc when you will again start your pc just click on the Bit Torrent icon and your download will start again.

Note: One of my reader asked me one question in the comment section that is there any threat of virus or malware? My answer is if you have one antivirus installed in your PC then you do not have any such kind of threat or you will not face any problem while downloading from Extratorrent. I am downloading movie everyday from Extratorrent and i did not face this kind of problem so far.

You can also read my post “How to Download Movie from Torrent Site in Linux Ubuntu“.

Let me know if you face any problem.



Please be noted, downloading movies from Extratorrent will not always give you a HD quality movie. Also torrent file download are not allowed in many countries. So, if you want to enjoy a HD quality movie and want to enjoy in anywhere in any device, the is the best alternative. You can stream movie directly on your computer, TV and mobile using this service. You can sign up in MoviesDirect website with a very cheap movie plan which starts from 24.95$. From my opinion and user experience, the best plan is the 39.95$ yearly plan which gives you unlimited movie download and streaming. There is a country list here also in which shows the list of the countries where the service is available. The service is available in almost all the countries around the world.

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13 thoughts on “How To Download Movie From Extratorrent?

  1. Hi

    i have tried to download movies using bit torrent and Utorrent from EXTRATORRENT site.. moviename.exe file is getting downloaded but not bit torrent file..

    pls help me downloading movies from EXTRATORRENT.

    Thanks in advance.

    • If you are trying to download torrent file from Extratorrent then you must have seen one tab “Download Torrent” as i have shown in my first picture.You need to download that file.This is the torrent file which can be used in bit torrent to download movies or file.

  2. as shown in above picture we have to click download torrent but download torrent is not written there in fact direct torrent is written there.

    • Hello Nayab, You should see two options…either Direct Download or Download torrent. You need to click on Download torrent. I just checked before answering your.

    • Nice question. For downloading movie from Extratorrent, you do not have that risk. You do not need any proxy. If you have one antivirus installed in your pc then you can download movies easily. I download movie everyday and i did not face this kind of problem so far.

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