How To Download Movie From Extratorrent?

Download movie from Extratorrent if you want to watch it in your home. Extratorrent is a mega zone from where you will be able to download any kind of movies (including latest and old movies) which are uploaded in ExtratorretIf you search in Extratorrent you will get a lot of moviesI am sure you will get the movie that you want to watchMay be you have tried to download movie using torrent file. After failing you are searching for the option about how to download movie from a torrent siteThere are a lot of movies which are available in some torrent download sites.You can download those movies and can watch those easily. But for this you need to know how to download movies from torrent sites. So, read below to know how to download movie from Extratorrent.

Yes we all know Extratorrent website is shut down permanently with out any prior notice! But don’t worry, we have alternative option. Please read article How to Download Movie from Piratebay!

I am going to explain the procedure below as well:

In  this new procedure, the difference is, you only need to download the torrent file from The Piratebay website and then you follow from step 6. Everything will be fine. Download the torrent file from The Piratebay.

How to Download the Torrent file from the Piratebay?

  1. At first please visit the website The Piratebay. I am unable to share the link here because of Google policy. But please search with the term The Piratebay in Google and you will find that .org site which looks like below:


2. Now please click on Browse Torrents tab or you can search with a movie name, TV serial name, song etc from the search box. I suggest you to click on the Browse Torrents first then you will find another page which is like below:


3. Now from there you can choose your category and download torrent according to your need. Suppose I want to download the latest Fast and Furious movie. So, I have clicked on Moives and then I will search with the movie name and now see where to click to download the file:


You will have to click on the magnet sign, which says Get this Torrent and your torrent will get downloaded. If you have already BitTorrent downloader installer in your PC then it will give you option to open this in Bittorrent and your movie will automatically start downloading! Isn’t it easy?

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How to Download Movie from Extratorrent:

I am explaining below about how to download movie from ExtratorrentThis is easy! Just follow the below simple steps.

1. To download movie from Extratorrent you need to use one Downlaoader software which is named as Bit TorrentYou can download Bit Torrent from hereAfter downloading, install it in your PC.

2. Now search in Extratorrent site or in Pirate Bay for the movie or the file that you want to download.

3. If you get the file or the movie then click on the movie file and you will get a screen like below:


4. Now click on ‘Download Torrent” and your torrent file will get downloaded within 2-3 secondsNow go to the place where your torrent file got downloaded.


5. Now “double click” on the torrent file you have downloaded to start download.

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6. Now if you have downloaded and installed your “Bit Torrent” software correctly (you will get one icon of Bit torrent software in the desktop if it is installed properly.) you will get the below screen:


Now click on “OK” and your movie will start downloading. Sometimes, a lot of movies does not come with subtitle. To add subtitle to the downloaded movie, you can read this  How to Add Subtitle in a Movie without Subtitle?

6. You will also get the estimated time to get your movie downloaded. It actually depends on the internet speed. Wait till that time and  your movie will get downloaded. Play it from the download location and enjoy your movie.

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Tips to Get the Best Torrent File from The Piratebay:

When you want to search a movie and will go to Extratorrent, you will find multiple files for the same movie. If you download the movie which is a low quality file, all you time spent for downloading will go in vain. So, how to decide which torrent file to download and which torrent file is the best in that site? I am going to give you some below tips from my personal experience:

  • Go for High Number of Seeders: While searching for a movie torrent file, always look for a torrent file with high number of seeders. Seeders are those people who have already downloaded the file and now uploading it. High number of seeders mean the file quality was good so a lot of people downloaded it and also uploading for you to make it more easy for you to download.
  • Check Comments: Check the comments just under the torrent file. In the comments, you will find whether the file was good or not. People leave their comment about the quality of the picture of the movie, sound and length.
  • Check Sample Image: Always check the sample image of the torrent movie file. If the sample images are not good, this means the movie is a hall print and will not be a good one to enjoy. If the movie just released yesterday or today, wait for couple of days and you will find a nice torrent file with high picture quality and high audio quality.
  • Download the Sample File First: Sometimes up-loaders of the torrent file also upload a sample video file which is small in size and only takes a few minutes to download the file. You can download that file first to check the quality of the movie.

Check the Video Tutorial About How to Download Movie from Extratorrent:

If you do not have Torrent download facility in your country then you can also check my article to know how to download movies for free from or you can also watch latest Bollywood or Hollywood movies for free from some online movie watching sites. To know how to watch latest movies online you can read the article 5 Best Online Movie Watching Sites for Geeks.

Unable to Download Toreent File? Getting Error Message “’s server DNS address could not be found” How to Solve this Problem?

Recently I am getting a lot of comments from my readers that they are unable to download torrent file from Extratorrent. I was not sure about the solution. But today after watching a video from one of my reader I have found the solution.

Error message after clicking the download button of torrent file from Extratorrent:

The site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found

If you find the above error message, then please go to your browser URL on the error page. Suppose the error page URL is like below:

Then please insert just after the “download” word of the URL. So, the final URL will look like below:

Now, click “Enter” or hit the “Enter” button and your torrent file should get downloaded. I hope this will solve the above problem. Please see the below picture for more details:


Get Your Own Website Today with Number One Hosting Company:

The advantages of downloading like this is the download will not get aborted if you close your pc.You can again resume your download when you will again start your pc.After closing your pc when you will again start your pc just click on the Bit Torrent icon and your download will start again.

Note: One of my reader asked me one question in the comment section that is there any threat of virus or malware? My answer is if you have one antivirus installed in your PC then you do not have any such kind of threat or you will not face any problem while downloading from Extratorrent. Thousands of people are downloading movie everyday from Extratorrent and  I personally did not face this kind of problem so far.

You can also read my post How to Download Movie from Torrent Site in Linux Ubuntu“.

Let me know if you face any problem.



Please be noted, downloading movies from Extratorrent will not always give you a HD quality movie. Also torrent file download are not allowed in many countries. So, if you want to enjoy a HD quality movie and want to enjoy in anywhere in any device, the is the best alternative. You can stream movie directly on your computer, TV and mobile using this service. You can sign up in MoviesDirect website with a very cheap movie plan which starts from 24.95$. From my opinion and user experience, the best plan is the 39.95$ yearly plan which gives you unlimited movie download and streaming. There is a country list here also in which shows the list of the countries where the service is available. The service is available in almost all the countries around the world.

Latest: (Watch Game of Thrones Season 6 From ExtraTorrent)


From the above part of the post you have already known how to download movie from Extratorrent. Now I am going to write about a different trick. HBO is now watching Game of Thrones Season 6. But HBO is not available in many countries. If you are a big fan of Game of Thrones, you can also download Game of Thrones Season 6 from Extratorrent. To download Game of Thrones Season 6, you will have to search the episode in the “TV Torrents” section. On Monday or Tuesday, the episode will be on the number one or number two list. (Please check the sample images and comments before downloading the episode to get better quality). If you want to download Game of Thrones Season 6 on any other day, please search with Game of Thrones Season 6 and you will find the appropriate file.

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