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Now-a-days who do not try to watch a Hollywood hit movie in the computer after downloading? Bollywood Hindi movies are also very much popular cause those are winning Oskar in these days. Movies like “Three Idiots ” are real heat and people are crazy for those movies.

But people always do no have time to go to theater and watch all those movies. So, the best option is to download movies and then to watch it on own notebook or desktop. There are lot of ways online to download movies and also a lot of ways are there. You can download movies by downloading torrent files from sites like bittorrent or Extratorrent. If you do not know how to do it, then you can read the article “How to Download Movies from Extra Torrent?“.

But to download movies free using torrent file does not support all internet line. Also in some countries these kind of download is not allowed. So, the alternative way is to download files directly and not using torrent file. Below i am going to tell you about one site which will let you download movies and music directly. They actually upload the movie files or other files to some free hosting server and from there you download your desired file.

The site that i am currently talking about is . From this site you will be able to download Bengali movies, Hindi Movies and English movies. Actually not only movies, you will also be able to download Hindi Songs, Bengali songs and English songs. Also some popular drama serials are available here.

You do not need to pay a single penny to download files from this site. You just need to register in this site and after that you are free to download any file. You can also upload file here also if you want.

1. To get registered you can click and after getting registered just log in and you will see one window like below:


On the upper right side corner of the above picture you can see that there are options for movies, music, software and other topics like movie applications. You can select any option and from there you can download movies.

2. Suppose you are selecting movies, then you will get the movie list. When you will click on a particular movie, it will show you a page with all the movie information like the movie review, movie screen video quality and also some screenshots like below:



3. Now this is the page from where you need to download your movie. To get the download link you will have to search it just below the screenshots and in most of the cases the links are like the below picture:


4. After clicking on the link you will get ads which is a different screen other than the download screen.So, in that case you need to wait for 4-5 seconds and then need to click on Skip AD and after that you will arrive in the download page.

5. To download movie from download page you need to watch the download link from a lot of ads. To make it easy for you i am showing the below picture and i believe after observing the below picture you will be able to find it next time. You can also check my article which explains How to Add Subtitle in a Movie without Subtitle?


6. Now, after click on that link you will be driven to another window and which is like below:


7. Now when you will click on the “Free Download”, you will get the final download page which is like below:


Here, you will get the “Download” option and after clicking on it your file will start downloading.

So, you can see that downloading movie from for free is real easy and just following the above steps you will be able to download all the movies or any other files easily. If you face any problem then just let me know through comment.

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  1. I was see a problem Enter Code below. But i was putted the correct code yet not movie are download. Please help me.

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