Online Interview With India’s Top Blog “Devils’ WorkShop” Admin Rahul Bansal

Rahul Bansal_ Devils' WorkShop Admin

Rahul Bansal_ Devils’ WorkShop Admin

Devils’ WorkShop is one of the top blogs in India.The blog was started in the year 2006 and since that time from a single writer blog, it became a blog of 2 full time writer and 20+ guest bloggers blog.The specialty of this blog is you will get the latest tech news but the length of the article is small enough to make you read the post.In this small length you will get the abstract idea about the topic.No boring lines in the post to make the post more SEO friendly. The admin of Devils’ WorkShop also believes that the blog posts becomes successful when you write for yourself first and then for the readers.

It was my great opportunity as a blogger to interview Rahul BansalHe is very frank while answering the question and as it is an online interview and he is very much person, so i did not get the chance to ask him a lot of more question which were in my mindBut I tried to ask him the main topics which I wanted to know from Rahul Bansal.

Interview With  “Devils’ WorkShop” Admin Rahul Bansal:

Himadri : Hello Rahul, how are you?

Rahul: I am fine. Thanks for asking. 🙂

 Himadri : How is your company rtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Going on and what are your future plans about this company?

 Rahul : We are going through our best phase. For the first time, we will be launching our store with our premium product offering which will include WordPress themes, plugins and also some activeCollab modules.

Himadri : Well Rahul, we all know that you are the man behind the establishment of the most popular technology blog in India “Devils’ Workshop”, so what was the story behind it when you have started the blog?

 Rahul : I started Devils’ Workshop in 2006. That year I completed my graduation (B.E. in Computer Engineering).

Most of my friends were busy in campus interviews at that time which did not interest me much. I did not want to join those companies, but I also had so solid plans for my future life/career. To get more time to think about future, I decided to go for post graduation course (M. Tech in Computer Science).

In between that transition from graduation to post-graduation, I got some free time. It was around 2-3 month free time.

I used that free time to blog about stuff I was doing then. Mostly it was cracking software, finding bugs in Orkut’s (then famous social network), breaking Windows Passwords and things like that. I used to post everything I was doing on a blog then hosted on without any particular identity.

One day I came across a line – “empty mind is devil’s workshop”. It resonated with me. So I decided to name my blog to “Devils Workshop” as everything I was posting there was coming from my empty mind!

Himadri: When people search on the web with the topic “highest Adsense earning blog in India” then obviously your blog name comes in the top search result. What do you think is the most powerful reason behind it? Only high traffic or using technique to convert the readers into money?

 Rahul : I am aware of some posts on Internet where my AdSense income is highly exaggerated. I get decent traffic but I never took it monetization seriously. I enjoy writing and I am happy with whatever AdSense offers us.

Its rtCamp where I have full-time job and which takes care of my cost of living. 🙂

Himadri: Compared to other popular blogs in the web or in India “Devils’ Workshop” blog post is small like 220 to 250 words. Do you think that this kind of post is SEO friendly? Or you just want to work with your popularity? You are not thinking about the SEO that much?

Rahul : I don’t think about SEO or length of my content. I write for myself first and then secondary for my readers.

As a writer, I always try to convey my message in as less words as possible. If I can convey something in 10 words then that should me length of my post!

Himadri : We all know that you are a successful full-time blogger online. If any new blogger wants to take his blogging as a full-time profession, do you think that he or she will be able to make the bread and butter within a short time?

 Rahul : Bread & butter or making-money should not be your goal. To be a good blogger, first thing you need to love is writing. Writing original content with consistency can help anyone over the time. I lacked consistency which limited DW’s revenue potential. But again revenue was not my goal so no regret about it!

There are no shortcuts to success. And by exception, if you find a shortcut, the success it will bring you will be short-lived.

Look at any 5 famous blogs you are following. You will see that they have worked hard over years to reach where they stand today.

Himadri : What is the most reliable channel to earn money from a blog from your point of view? Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Selling Own ads or something else?

 Rahul : Affiliate marketing looks easy but it doesn’t you become brand yourself so don’t overdo it. Try to shortlist services/products you are already using yourself. If they offer affiliate program, you can use that to make few bucks.

Google AdSense is a cheap bargain. They definitely pay less but then they are ready to pay to anyone! So if you are new and blogging is only your source of income, then you can try Google AdSense.

In my opinion, you should focus on increasing quality of your content. That will increase your traffic which in turn will increase your revenue.

I always believe in demand-supply rule. Less number of ads you out you, higher they will pay you. Plus less number of ads will bring more exposure.

I will recommend using Google DFP – to organize ads on your blog properly. Its better to show different ads to different visitors, rather than showing all ads to all visitors.

 Himadri : If any new blogger is going to take the blogging as a full-time profession then what is your suggest ion to him or her? Do you encourage this or discourage?

 Rahul : Any person with this question will be a wrong person to take blogging as a profession. It’s not a formal job where you need to get in formally.

You start with a passion for something which transform into a profession over the time!

 Himadri : We all know that India is a big IT market in the world and there are lots of IT products and industries which are doing a lot of things and a lot of decisions are made by them everyday. Why we do not get the news related to those information. If we discuss about some world-famous blog like TechCrunch and Mashable then they are very much interested about Silicon Valley. But why the most popular blogs in India are not publishing that much post on Indian IT industry? What is your thinking?

Rahul : There is not much difference between Indian and Chian when it comes to IT sector. We don’t invent or innovate much to deserve a place on TechCrunch or Mashable. Chinese build hardware for US, we make softwares which runs on those hardware!

Most of the time, when you hear about top IT companies in India, it will be related to their stock or revenue.

As a consumer, do u remember using any service/product by top IT companies in India?

 Himadri : Can you share with the reader about a hard time that Devils’ Workshop has already passed? Or DW did not go through any hard time?

Rahul : DW faced a very tough time in 2008. There were some personal issues going on in my life because of which I could not run it. At that time Deepak Jain (from ) helped a lot.

After that DW saw some ups & downs but mostly they were related to wrong decisions.

Today, DW looks firm and safe, thanks to our Cheif Editor Aditya Kane.

Himadri : Any message to Devils’ Workshop readers?

Rahul : Thanks for your love & support. 🙂

 Himadri :Rahul, thanks a lot for your time and sharing your ideas with us. Hope that Devils’ Workshop gets more readers and a lot of love from the readers of it. Thank you again.

Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. The dashboard of this WordPress is the only place where he does not feel tired!

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