7 Inspired Uses for LED Lighting

Not long ago LED’s didn’t seem use to anyone, apart from the odd Christmas decoration, a child’s laser pointer and the odd school science project. Since then things have changed a great deal, with everyone becoming obsessed with the environment and energy saving concerns becoming common among many industry sectors. LEDs having many benefits over the standard halogen bulb, with an energy saving factor being one of them, it really is no surprise that LEDs have become such a hit!

I could bore you with all the technical details, but I’m not going to, in fact here are 50 reasons why you should be using LEDs. Now that we’ve got that out the way, I’ve built a comprehensive list of 7 uses for LED lighting, that I feel just wouldn’t be as fun or practical with ordinary bulbs.

Bionic LED contact Lenses:


Have you ever thought of developing your contact lens to allow you to browse the internet and read the contents of your email inbox? Of course you haven’t! But the brainboxes at Aalto University have developed a prototype which could change the future of the way we use technology, in the form of standard communication as well as social media platforms. Keep an eye out for any development, excuse the pun.

LED Wallpaper:


We all know how much of a chore we find DIY to be, that’s after we’ve found the time (or ran out of excuses, in some cases) to start it, but fear no longer! As in 2011 the clever people at Danish company Kvadrat Soft Cells struck a partnership deal with the electrical giant Phillips. These panels have the ability to change colour under changes in audio, which could be used in theaters or cinemas perhaps. Who knows, with their low cost and energy saving qualities we could see this become a feature within the modern home in the not so distance future.

LED Bike Spokes:


Safety has always been an issue when it comes to cycling, maybe not so much a problem for the older generation who have lost all embarrassment when It’s time to strap on the knee and elbow pads, not to mention those oddly shaped helmets which never seem to fit and reflective clothing. After you’ve managed equip yourself with the necessities, albeit looking slightly ridiculous, you’re safe!

However the younger generation seem to take safety as the second stage of preparation, whereas fashion comes first. With these LED bike spokes however, you can combine the two, leaving a trail of swirling light in your path.

A Cute Animal Harness:


All dog owners have taken their dog for a walk on a cold, dark winter’s night. Only for it to bolt off and loose site of it the minute you unclip the lead or loosen your grip for a small second. However, help is at hand as you can now purchase an ever popular harness which has multiple LEDs attached, which not only saves you from searching in bushes and in ditches, or any other unsightly place you may find your pet; but also as a safety feature for man’s best friend.

Illuminated Party Balloon Decorations:


Party’s are expensive these days especially when you’re trying to impress, whether that’s a hoard of hyperactive children or your closest friends. Many people are turning to hosting their own party at home. To spice up the decorations, LEDs have come to your aid once again, with the ability to add LEDs inside balloons! Turn down the lights for maximum effect.

LED Faucet (Water turns blue when cold, red when warm):


Why settle for boring old plain water when you turn on your sink tap, when you can wash your hands in a cool blue stream. Install one of these in your home and that is exactly what you can enjoy during each bathroom visit. Made possible by the use of a built in LED within the spout, this clever invention is not only pretty to look at but also proves to be an excellent safety feature, minimising risk of burns, as the water flows a deep red as temperatures rise.

TV Mood Lighting:


Purchasing the latest advance in technology is something we’re all accustomed too, with the latest in TV being glowing television sets, or ‘ambient lighting’ as its more commonly known.

You can bring your television shows or favourite films to life using no more than a strip of LEDs, which could save you a small fortune rather than having lighting built in to a completely new flat screen HD television.

Michael Fielding

This list was compiled by Michael Fielding on behalf of UK LED lighting suppliers Ultra LEDs.

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