Top 5 iPhone Apps For Job Hunting

In a competitive job market, the smart ones tug at every string and go out of their way in order to secure employment. In a society that has become obsessed with technology, many can now search for various vacancies online via their iPhones and iPads, with a plethora of smart apps being created to serve every job-seeker’s needs. For those in need of such savvy, creative apps, consider any one of these five fantastic job hunting apps, available for iPhones. So, let us check the below iPhone apps for job searching.

Monster :


With this handy app, based on the website of the same name, you’re able to secure the latest job postings straight to your phone. By creating an account via your phone, you will also be able to directly apply for great openings on-the-go, generating an easier atmosphere when it comes to applying for jobs. With the GPS on the iPhone activated, the app is also able to track jobs that are located within your district, searching for openings a little closer to home.

Jobcentreplus :


The famed Job Centre is obviously the number one stop for those actively seeking recruitment and the app allows you to cut out the unnecessary hassle of being limited to your nearest establishment. Now, you’re able to search through nationwide listings, applying specified search criteria as you go, offering a much more enhanced job centre experience. The vacancies listed contain all the usual information and if you like the look of it, you are able to secure it in your favourites or forward it to your basic email address in order to apply for the role at a later date.

LinkedIn :


LinkedIn is the professional network that keeps on giving. It’s Facebook in a suit and details vital information that many seek when it comes to recruitment. Employment will be successful with a LinkedIn account and with the app, your network will always be with you, allowing you to connect with others on-the-go. If you’re away for a weekend without access to your laptop, fret not; you can share content, update your profile and keep up-to-date with the comings and goings of the business world. It also gives you access to all your contacts and lets you know of any changes immediately.

LinkUp :


By using a collection of criteria, such as keyword, location and company, LinkUp acts as a job search app that allows you to search for jobs via company websites. Settings are kept for each visit so that the app allows users to input the same search every time they need to find a job and the interface is incredibly friendly, meaning you can apply for the job there and then, or merely send it across to your email.

Pocket CV :


Though this app isn’t free, it’s an incredibly powerful and useful tool. The app allows you to divide and conquer, splitting the CV into sections, meaning you fill it out piece by piece, in an organised and professional manner. You are also able to move your data from LinkedIn to the app, incorporating all the vital information without having to write it out again. Further editing is always allowed or you can just start sending it off via email, ready to apply for a selection of roles with your CV up-to-date and completed in a formal, professional manner.

Though these apps are attractive to newcomers, an old-fashioned approach can sometimes yield the best results and recruitment agencies should not be forgotten as they’re paid well to look after you, the customer. Through determination and creativity, every passionate jobseeker will eventually be successful.

Ross Davies

Ross Davies writing about recruitment and technology for Lebreton Recruitment the specialist childcare, education and construcion temp agency.

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