Seven Cheap Apple Products for You

The desire to buy Apple products is often associated with massive spending. However, what most people don’t know is that there are also Apple products that you can buy without straining your finances. Although buying cheap Apple products will be accompanied by some little sacrifices like forgetting the latest trends, it is worth noting that Apple prides in manufacturing durable products. Buying cheaply with Apple still guarantees you high quality.

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iPhone 5


After the iPhone 4S, Apple made the iPhone 5 which featured significant improvements compared to its predecessor. Most remarkable is the A6 processor which makes the phone twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 is also slimmer and taller than iPhone 4S. Although the iPhone 6S is currently trending, it is wise to choose on the iPhone 5 if you can’t afford the highly rated iPhone 6s because the former is as decent as it is stylish. Several dealers are selling the iPhone 5 at prices below $200.

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iPad 3


Apple’s iPad 3 is an awesome alternative for the iPad Air 2 whose price is still overly high. The iPad 3 is a simple gadget that supports fundamental processes. The iPad 3 pioneered the Retina display technology. However, the device uses the old 30-pin connector, unlike modern Apple products which have the Lighting connector. Going for a price below $200, the iPad 3 is still a product worth buying.

iPad Mini 2


For the lovers of Apple’s iPads, the iPad Mini 2 is a good buy if you are after a tablet that has a relatively smaller screen. The gadget has a retina display and high performance that enables it to support many useful apps and games. Instead of the more expensive iPad mini 4, you can get the iPad Mini 2 at prices below $180.

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iPod Shuffle


The iPod Shuffle is arguably the world’s smallest digital music player. Buyers can find the player that has an aluminum casing in different colors including orange and green. The 1.62-inch player is very stylish, and it can be clipped to the belt or lapel, and you will have all your favorite music stored in its 1GB memory. The magical device is sold at $26.

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2007 iMac


The 2007 iMac has attractive features that you would like. The Macintosh device the first iMac to have a 1 TB hard drive and an aluminum design. The memory of the 2007 iMac and its hard drive can be replaced to boost performance. At a price of about $200, the iMac 2007 is an excellent choice for your home or office desk.

Apple TV 3


The third generation Apple TV still attracts buyers even after the release of Apple TV 4. The Apple TV 3 has all the features you will need such as streaming, access to Netflix, and it also supports AirPlay. The good news is that you can get the Apple TV 3 for as little as $70.

2006 Apple MacBook


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Although this might seem an old model, the 2006 Apple MacBook can still function well to complete daily tasks just as fast as you would desire. The 2GB RAM and a 1.83 duo core processor make the laptop a good buy.

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