How YouTube Has Become A Search Engine ?

There is really no disputing the fact that Google is one of the top search engines on the internet.  What could be disputed is who is second.  While Yahoo and Bing are strong contenders, one of the other top search engines is actually YouTube.  This is because the searches are conducted for the billions of videos that are posted on the site.  It has become the top forum for marketing videos.  So how did YouTube become such a popular search engine?


  • Volume of Viewers – Nearly everyone in the world who owns a computer has seen a YouTube video.  Many bloggers and writers embed these videos for their blogs or articles to add impact or to make a point.  In some cases the videos are instructional.  This means that the odds of your video being seen when it’s posted on YouTube is pretty much guaranteed.   Not all videos hit the viral status but it’s always nice to know your videos are enjoyed.
  • The Price is Right – There is no charge for YouTube so everyone can afford to have their own account.  Because everyone can have an account, this means that tens of thousands of videos are uploaded every day.  These videos have millions of viewers each and every day and it’s all free!
  • Top Marketing Tool – Any musician or band knows that to be relevant you have to have a video on YouTube.  Those in the MTV generation remember when MTV was the top forum for music videos.  Since this network is mostly shows rather than videos, there was a need for a new outlet and YouTube fits this bill perfectly.  Anyone who wants to check out a new song before they purchase it goes to YouTube and watches the video.  This marketing tool is also used by a wide variety of niches.
  • Speaking of Variety – There are so many different reasons why people search through YouTube’s extensive catalog of videos.  Some are looking for a laugh and others want to learn how to do something new.  Others use it for the entertainment factor.  No matter the reason, YouTube has hundreds if not thousands of choices for their viewers.

It is no surprise that YouTube is here to stay and it’s safe to say it will stick around for a long time.  There are too many positives to this site to even consider it ever shutting down.  This is just another reason why it is such a popular search engine and why so many visit the site each and every day.

Steven Hollander

Steven Hollander is a YouTube fanatic who loves helping others improve their channels and their videos.

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