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Speaking English and writing it as an article is entirely different. It is quite natural if you make some error while writing English. But you cannot leave your articles with an error. If you are writing the article for someone, you will have to make it correct by any means. Here comes the need of a proofreader to proofread your article. But this is not always easy to correct your article now and then. It is not always easy to find a good proofreader. So, the best option is to go for an online tool which can help you to correct the errors of your article.

If you are blogging or if you have a website for your small business, this is crucial that your contents are free without grammatical errors. A writer from a non-English speaking country can make some grammatical mistakes. This is normal for him or her. Even people from English speaking country mix up with the articles.

Why This is Important to Write an Error Free Article?

Trust Building: Your writing gives your reader the first impression about your blog or website. If the writing is strong and powerful they start trusting the source and they spend more time on site. On the other hand, if your article is full of simple grammatical mistakes, this is more likely that people will not read much on your website. So, because of your grammatical mistakes, you loose a visitor of your website.

SEO: Matt Cutts who is the Google’s search engine expert, clearly mentioned that the websites with poor grammar and spelling errors have lower ranking. In a Google Webmaster Help Video in 2011 he mentioned the below lines:


So, from the above comment this is clear that grammatical mistakes and spelling errors have a direct impact on page ranking and SEO.

Why Grammarly is the Best Tool to Correct Your Articles:

Grammarly is the best tool on the web to correct your grammatical errors. This tool not only corrects your article but also lets you know the cause of the error. You can get a detail description of the error and can learn about the error. It is very helpful for future writing. In that case, you know what was the error and can correct it next time.

How to Check Content Using Grammarly:

It is easy to check the content using Grammarly. To check your articles, you just need to copy and paste the text in your Grammarly account after free successful sign-up. To check the content at first log in to your Grammarly account. Then please go to “My Grammarly” and click on “New”.


Now, you will have to copy the text in the new window. If your content has any error, the errors will be visible as underlined words. You can also upload a document to in this platform and check your content. The below pictures shows the content with marked errors:


From the above picture, you can see the marked errors. There are 15 critical issues and 14 advanced issues. This one is one of my guest posts. If Grammarly was not there, this is tough for me to correct the article. But with Grammarly, I can identify the errors quickly. I also know the reasons for those mistakes.

Grammarly is a kind of tool by which you can not only check your grammar but also can check Plagiarism, check spelling and proofread your document.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker:

Grammarly is not only a grammar checker tool but also a plagiarism checker. Before posting a guest post in your blog, you should check your content. Otherwise, you may end up posting a duplicate content in your friendly site. If you accept a guest post in your blog, Grammarly plagiarism checker feature is the best choice for you. The free online plagiarism checker does not give you the right and accurate result. But by using Grammarly, you can get almost 100% correct result. I subscribed the Grammarly premium plan and just after a few minutes ago Grammarly detected a guest post which is already 92% plagiarized. You can also see the link where the post has published first. Below is the result:


So, Grammarly is a grammar checker, plagiarism checker and also a spelling checker! You can get a 3 in 1 package by Signing Up for Grammarly. To register please click the below banner:

Apps from Grammarly:


There are several apps from Grammarly which you can use in your day to day life. The apps are below:

  • You can add Grammarly Google Chrome extension. This app helps you to write anywhere on the web. Suppose you are writing a Facebook status, Grammarly can check the status and will give you correction if needed.
  • If you write a document in Microsoft Word, you can add Grammarly to your Microsoft word. This add-on is already integrated with Outlook. So, if you are writing a mail in Outlook, you will get the correction from Grammarly.
  • You can add Grammarly to your native Windows environment which can help handling your projects quickly.

Grammarly Premium Subscription Plans:

You can use Grammarly as a free user. But the free users does not get some important grammatical check. The free users do not get any vocabulary suggestion. The plagiarism detector does not check the duplicate content for the free users. The Grammarly premium subscription is not that expensive. If you subscribe the plan for a longer period, you can get lower price. The premium pricing is shown below:


From the above picture you can clearly see the Annual plan is cheaper than the quarterly plan. The price for the annual plan is only $11.66 per month. If you want your document grammatical error free, you can easily subscribe the premium plan for $139.95 annual free.

For the bloggers, this is crucial to make all the posts grammatical error free. A post with errors leaves a bad impression to your readers. Bloggers from non-English speaking nations should proofread their posts before publishing. An online tool is the best option for them. If you are a blogger and want to make all your posts grammatical error free, Grammarly is the best choice for you. What you can do, go for a monthly or quarterly plan, check all your post.

Grammarly Referral Program:

Grammarly has an excellent referral program. If you are a blogger, you can easily promote Grammarly banners on your website. Just by promoting the banners you can earn a bonus $25 without sending any traffic.

Make $25 Just By Promoting Banner:

Write a features post or review related to Grammarly and promote a Grammarly promotion banner. Then send the live link of your review to Grammarly team. Just by doing this, you can earn $25. It is an awesome offer. Below is the proof of Grammarly activation bonus for promoting Grammarly in my blog:


Earn $0.20 Per Free Sign Up:

If you refer a user for a free sign up which does not require a credit card information, you will earn $0.20. It is a huge offer. In this era of competition, there are less number of companies who will give you $0.20 per free sign up.

Earn $20 for Premium Plan Purchase:

For each successful premium plan purchase, you will get $20. The conversion rate is high and is around 20-30% which is also huge. You can easily promote Grammarly by promoting the banner on your blog or by writing a review about Grammarly.

Get One Month Free Premium Subscription:

If you are a Grammarly affiliate, you can get one-month free premium subscription. After signing up as an affiliate, you will get a welcome email from Grammarly team. Then sign up for a free Grammarly account and send the email address to Grammarly team that you have used to create the account. You will get all necessary information in your email after becoming a Grammarly affiliate.

From the above points, you can understand that Grammarly is not only an awesome grammar checking tool but also has a fantastic affiliate program! Hope you have anything to add to this post, you can leave that via comments. If you find this post informative, please do not hesitate to share this via social media buttons. If you are a blogger and did not know about the Grammarly referral program, share this also with your fellow blogger. Last but not the least, no online tool can take the place of a human proofreader, but if you compare Grammarly with other online grammar checkers, Grammarly is the best! This comment is from my personal experience.

Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. The dashboard of this WordPress is the only place where he does not feel tired!

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