Get Instant Facebook Likes For Free In “Link Collider”

May be you are tensed that you are not getting a lot amount of Facebook Likes for your blogs Facebook fan page.But you need to have a lot of Facebook likes in your fan page to promote your blog.Or you are looking for a good amount of Twitter follower for your blog twitter page.But you are not getting.Then i am going to tell you the ultimate solution for this problem.You are going to get a lot of Facebook Likes in your fan page instantly within a minute.May by you are thinking how to get a lot of Facebook fan page likes? I am going to give you the ultimate solution for your problem.


This is a very active platform and always users are busy here to exchange likes to each other.I have tried other platform earlier but did not get good result.But i am getting good number of likes in this platform.So, get registered in “Link Collider” and get Facebook likes and Twitter Follower.

Link Collider” which is a platform to exchange Facebook fan page likes,Twitter followers, Google Plus and website visitor.If you register in Link Collider and like other Facebook page then you will be able to get a lot of likes in your own Facebook page.Now this is time to tell you the whole story about how to make it possible.Please follow the steps to get your desired likes and Twitter follower:

1. Click here to get resistered in Link Collider. The Registration is very simple.You just need to enter your email and password.Please enter one valid email address because you need to confirm your link by logging into your email account.

2. Then you will get one tab named “Post a website/Facebook Page” and click on it.Then you enter your url of your Facebook page and now click on “Classic post” and set your “Cost per activity”.Set your cost per activity as much as you can.Better you set it to 59.It will increase your chance to get likes and follower.

3.Then click on “Collect Free Token” and click on Like or Tweet or Google Plus to earn coins which you can use to get Facebook likes or Tweet or Followers.

4. Now just see within a minute you will be getting a good number of likes in your Facebook fan page or Twitter page.

Please let me know if you face any problem.Also share this post if it works for you.

Himadri is a part time blogger. He loves to write on technology and technology related tips & tricks. Blogging is his passion! He is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.

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  • Jill

    Great tips thanks for sharing!

    • techntechie

      Thank you jill.


    awsome tips… and great tool!

    • techntechie

      Yeah this is a great tool.You can check the other website which is named as “Add me fast”

  • Basket

    This is great! Thank you for sharing! It’s still a great site.

    • techntechie

      Thanks..keep in touch.

  • Aman

    Thanks for sharing.Just have a question i am looking likes fro so how many likes i will be able to have from link collider.

  • Chelsea

    What do I put in discription?

  • Himadri

    @b8d5d7c2201138040aaa4d21bc5f5c34:disqus ..anything related to your website.

  • Jessica Williams

    great post and having helpful knowledge

  • sirat

    i have a problem that is when i turn facebook like on than it says
    Download your API gateway and upload it anywhere in your site, then write the URL of where you uploaded the file.

    i dont understand me please

    • Himadri Subrah Saha

      Because you must have your own API to have visit in your Facebook page in link collider. Right now you will only be able to get Twitter follower, pageview, shares and backlinks from link collider. But you must have your application gateway to receiver Facebook like. Hope you understand. They changed their rule now.

  • Rommer

    Nice! Very useful site!

  • John O’Meara

    I like this. Its a good site.