Get Instant Facebook Likes For Free In “Link Collider”

May be you are tensed that you are not getting a lot amount of Facebook Likes for your blogs Facebook fan page. But you want to Get Instant Facebook Likes in your fan page to promote your blog and you cannot wait anymore! Or you are looking for a good amount of Twitter followers for your blog twitter page. But you are not getting any Twitter follower.

If this is your problem, then I am going to tell you the ultimate solution for this problem.You are going to get a lot of Facebook Likes in your fan page instantly within a minute. May by you are thinking how to get a lot of Facebook fan page likes within this short amount of time, right? I am going to give you the ultimate solution for your problem.


This is a very active platform and always users are busy here to exchange likes to each other. I have tried other platforms earlier but did not get good result. After using Link Collider, I am getting good number of likes in my Facebook page from this platform. So, get registered in “Link Collider” and get Facebook likes, Facebook Share, Pinterest follower, Twitter Follower , YouTube subscriber and lot more!


Link Collider” which is a platform to exchange Facebook fan page likes,Twitter followers, Google Plus, website visitors and lot more is an awesome tool to boost up your websites social signal and traffic which are important parameters to improve your page rank.If you register in Link Collider and like other Facebook page, share Facebook post or etc., you will be able to Get Instant Facebook Likes on your Facebook page. Now this is time to tell you the whole story about how to make it possible. Please follow the steps to get your desired likes and Twitter follower:

1. Click here to get registered in Link Collider. The Registration is very simple.You just need to enter your email and password. Please enter one valid email address because you need to confirm your link by logging into your email account.


2. Then you will get one tab named “SUBMIT A WEBSITE” and click on it. In this tab, you will be able to add your personal website, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel and Pinterest page.


3.Then click on “Collect Tokens” to collect some tokens for your own use. According to your choice, you can select through which tab you want to earn some tokens for your own use. If you want to earn it through Facebook share or Facebook likes, you will have to sign in to your Facebook account. If you want to earn it through YouTube or Google plus then you will have to sign in to your Google account. Without signing any account you can also earn coins by Autosurf and Clicks to other websites. But this two options are Low Reward giving.

If you are an online business owner, you can also buy traffic from Link Collider and get enormous amount of traffic by using Link Collider. To buy traffic click here.

This video embedded below is very helpful to understand how Link Collider works:

4. Now just see within a minute you will be getting a good number of likes or social shares in your Facebook fan page or Twitter page or whatever link you have added.

Please let me know if you face any problem.Also share this post if it works for you.

Himadri is a part time blogger. He loves to write on technology and technology related tips & tricks. Blogging is his passion! He is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer.

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13 thoughts on “Get Instant Facebook Likes For Free In “Link Collider”

  1. i have a problem that is when i turn facebook like on than it says
    Download your API gateway and upload it anywhere in your site, then write the URL of where you uploaded the file.

    i dont understand me please

    • Because you must have your own API to have visit in your Facebook page in link collider. Right now you will only be able to get Twitter follower, pageview, shares and backlinks from link collider. But you must have your application gateway to receiver Facebook like. Hope you understand. They changed their rule now.

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