How Facebook Instant Article will Change Content Marketing Strategy

If you do not know what Facebook instant article is and want to know about Facebook instant article, you will have to open the Facebook app on your mobile device to experience the Facebook instant article. Now please search the Facebook page of TechnTechie or any popular page with content link like Mashable or Techcrunch. Go to the page, click on the links which are shared in those pages. Did you see how fast the links are getting loaded in your mobile screen? Isn’t it cool? I am sure your user experience is better now. This all happened because of the the feature from Facebook which is Facebook instant article feature. Naturally, the question comes, how this Facebook instant article will change content marketing strategy? I will say this will not only change the content marketing strategy but also redefine the online advertising industry. A cool move from Facebook team!

How Facebook Instant Article Works?

If you have a WordPress blog and you want your content loads faster in Facebook app, you will have to enable it manually. You can sign up for Facebook instant article here. After signing up, you will have to follow some steps and also need to install a WordPress plugin which is Facebook Instant Articles, in your WordPress blog. Once your blog gets approved for Facebook instant article, if you share any content link in Facebook and if people clicks on that link, the article will load faster with a lightening speed.

How the Facebook Instant Articles Look? 

Facebook instant articles will look a bit different from your actual blog layout. The format is same for each and every website. In the below picture you will see how the instant article gets loaded in Facebook mobile app.


The article layout looks good. But if you are using Google Adsense or any other ad network, this layout will not show ads from those ad networks. So, how to get revenue from your articles which will get visitors from your Facebook app? The next step will explain this.

How to Earn Revenue from Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook instant article first time opens the door for you to earn money from Facebook aps. If the Facebook instant article WordPress plugin, you will be able to add Facebook ad code and the instant articles will show Facebook ads. This is how the Facebook articles will show on the mobile screen:


You will get paid directly from Facebook for your ads payment. The minimum payout is 100 USD and you can get the money via Paypal or to your Bank account directly.

Why it is a Smart Move from Facebook?

This is a very smart move from Facebook. Because in earlier days, when people clicked on the article links, they were landed to the actual page of the website where Google adsense or other ad networks ad were visible. Though the Facebook users were using the Facebook platform to get visitors, the actual money was made my Google adsense or Yahoo or other ad networks. Now, there is not option for other ad networks to make money from instant articles. Facebook will show their own ads. So, the revenue is not going anywhere. People are using Facebook platform to market their article and Facebook is also getting paid in return.

Why the Facebook Instant Article will change Content Marketing Strategy?

This is found from one survey that if your website loading time increases by 1 second, you loose 9% of your visitors. People do not like websites which does not load faster. Enabling Facebook instant article feature will help you load your article faster within Facebook mobile apps. The number of mobile users are more than the number of desktop users now. The below graph shows the stat:


From the above graph this is quite obvious that more people will visit your site from mobile devices.

The number of Facebook users who use Facebook only from Mobile devices is 894 million which is huge. So, you can imagine the target audience that you can get from Facebook mobile app. This is a very important information for the content marketers. This is the first sign which indicated the Facebook instant article will change content marketing strategy.


The above pictures shows the number of mobile users already reached 894 million on the first quarter of the year 2016. Within short time the number of mobile users from Facebook will cross one billion.

So, you can imagine how Facebook increased the ad business by enabling the instant article. As Facebook instant article will change content marketing strategy, Facebook will get more content share in recent years. The number will be huge.

The content marketers will also try to share their content in Facebook as much as they can as the articles load faster and the users get a unique experience while watching the video and images of the article. I will say this is a huge success!

Content marketers will also get interested to integrate the Facebook ads in their article as the rate for the ads are higher compared to other ad networks. So, the content marketers will gather more money if they can make their content viral in Facebook.

This is a huge blessing for the affiliate marketers. Cause the instant article will show the affiliate banners inside the ads. Articles will load faster and the affiliate banners will get more exposure.

So, the easy prediction is the content marketing will become Facebook based now. This is how Facebook instant article will change content marketing strategy. People will share more article links on Facebook page, Facebook profile and Facebook groups. This will grow Facebook and the content marketing at the same time!

Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. The dashboard of this WordPress is the only place where he does not feel tired!

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