Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website’s SEO

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging and CMS platforms used on the web today. Its free and there are many options for customization. There are many themes out there and also plugins.

Plugins are great because they allow you to add functionality and options to your WordPress based website. There are literally plugins for everything, and can come in the appearance of widgets that are in the side bar, menus and even site wide options. Social networking plugins allow users to share your web page on leading social working sites. This can really help generate that traffic that you need.


Social Networking in huge. Certainly when it comes to running a website. Long established sites like Twitter and Facebook can really drive traffic to your website. But recent arrivals such as Pinterest and Google+ are great too. By using this plugin you can add all essential ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons to your site, without adding code yourself. Once installed it will show a simple side bar widget.

2. Sexy Bookmarks:


Another social media plugin although this one takes a different approach. Rather than using a side bar it works by adding social networking plugins right inside the content. This plugin works with both posts and pages in WordPress so can be used with a variety of sites. The great thing about it being in with the content is that it is more likely to be seen by the reader. As it is more integrated it makes easier for the reader to share, like and tweet giving your site more exposure. It also covers many social networking services, including more specialist networks like stumble upon.


This is an interesting plugin. Not only does it let you get your site connected to over 330 social networks but it also has an interesting back end tool. You can use the plugin also to monitor where and how your site is being shared. This is presented in a chart so you can see clearly how many shares you have had. As there are many social networks used by this plugin it can give your site the exposure you are looking for.


Share bar is a more traditional social networking plugin. It uses a clear vertical box that is highly visible. This is really suited to themes that don’t accommodate enough space or you prefer a more continuous look throughout your site. It does have a nice clean interface that really would look great on a minimalist design. There are numerous options including big buttons and small buttons so will suit a number of themes.


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