Writing the Ideas for a New Blog – a Way to Create a Popular Resource

Why should you blog? That’s an interesting question that leads to many potential answers. First of all, the blog can turn out into a passionate project that encourages you to learn more about the things you’re interested in. In addition, it’s a platform that builds your online reputation. Maybe you’re trying to get a new job or you want to make a business successful. Whatever the case is, the blog can get you the personal authority you’re after. It gives you a chance to express your strengths and build a reputation of an expert.

Needless to say, you have to make the blog popular if you want to get all benefits this activity offers. If popularity wasn’t your thing, you would simply write a private journal. When the blog gets readers, they give you the value you’re after. They comment on your posts, and you use that feedback to make the site more successful.

To make a blog successful, you have to land the perfect design. In addition, you have to think of the right niche, develop a relevant posting schedule, pick the right topics, and find time to connect with your audience. A successful blog demands a lot of work, and everything starts with planning.

Popular Blogs: Why We Love Them

To make the point of this post as clear as possible, let’s mention few examples of popular blogs in different niches:

  • Freshome – a blog with interior design ideas;
  • Digital Photography School – a blog that teaches casual and professional camera users to take their photography skills to a more advanced level;
  • Zen Habits – a blog that provides meditation and lifestyle tips.

Why exactly are these blogs successful? First of all, they have thousands of subscribers. And, they are making money through ads and sales. Only a popular blog can do that for you.

When we read a post from these bloggers, we can see their passion and expertise. They are knowledgeable and they found a perfect way to convey that knowledge in a way that the audience wants to get it.

The goal of having a blog is not only to express your thoughts and opinions, but to get the feedback you need as well.

What makes successful blogs different from the ones that pop up and disappear? Everything! The design, content, and overall approach towards the audience! You have to be aware of all aspects that attract more readers before you even start blogging. You can come up with the right approach through a simple technique that always works: brainstorming.

The Ultimate Brainstorming Techniques that Lead to Successful Blogging

Creating a new blog is always a challenge. It seems easy at first. You think of a theme, you build a blog through a free platform and template, and voila – you can start sharing your message with the world. The only problem is: it’s not that simple. If you want to make the blog popular and successful, you have to think about many details. We’ll tell you how to set the brainstorming process in the right direction.

  1. Step One: the Niche and Topic

The niche is a broader area that encompasses several different topics. For example, cosmetics can be your niche. However, this is a broad area, so you need to come up with a more specific topic, such as anti-aging products, makeup for oily skin, or gothic makeup. These are only few of the potential topics you can come up with.

Ask yourself these questions before you start blogging:

  • What are you good at?
  • What are your greatest interests?
  • What’s an interest that can result with endless ideas for posts?

Write down few potential answers and make sure to narrow down your interests. When you focus on a narrow theme, you get the chance to build an authority as a real expert. Just like doctors have to specialize in a single area, bloggers need to pick a specific theme, too.

  1. Read!

Sometimes you do your best to brainstorm, but you’re not getting any brilliant ideas. It happens. There are too many blogs on every possible topic. That’s why it’s hard to think of something so unique that would lead to instant success.

If you found yourself in such situation, give yourself some space. Read some books; they always lead to get ideas. Moreover, read successful blogs from the niche you’re mostly attracted to. You’ll notice the random topics the web is full of, and you’ll surely get ideas on delivering something else (and better) to the audience.

  1. Think about Interviews

Do you know popular people? Can you share their stories with the audience? When you’re planning the development of your blog, try to implement interviews in the vision. If you’re able to deliver an interview with a person who is successful, but rarely speaks in public, you’ll make your blog popular with the speed of light.

  1. Criticize!

Which one of these two blogs would be more successful:

  • the one that’s full of approval for every single action of the President of the USA, or
  • the one that offers constructive criticism and alternative solutions to the issues the President deals with?

Let us answer that for you: bloggers who criticize are always more popular. The reason is simple: they make you think. Ask yourself these questions during the brainstorming process:

  • What makes you frustrated? Can you think of an area of interest that allows you to offer constructive criticism?
  1. Brainstorm for blog post topics

Before you start the blog, you need a plan. When you’re aware of your interests, you can simply narrow them down and pick the niche and theme for your blog. Now, the hard part: what kinds of posts are you going to deliver? Think of at least 15 headlines and write them down. These kinds of posts always work:

  • How-to posts – they provide useful tips and solutions;
  • Top lists – they are easy and interesting to read;
  • Interviews – they present a popular person from a fresh point of view;
  • Opinions – they inspire debates and trigger response from the audience;

Give yourself some time to research through the most popular blogs of your niche, so you’ll see what the audience likes. Get informed about all trends and try to encompass them in your blogging schedule. Think of evergreen posts, which would provide lasting value for your audience. Then, come up with the headlines and plan when and how you’ll write the posts. Remember: your readers need a schedule. When they like a site, they like visiting it on a regular basis. If you manage to turn your blog into a habit for them, you’ll achieve the goal of becoming a successful blogger.

Brainstorming is the perfect tactic for coming up with ideas. Before you start a new blog, that’s the most important thing: ideas. Don’t forget: a blog can become successful only if the blogger invests enough effort in its maintenance. Keep brainstorming for ideas and keep monitoring the feedback from your audience. Keep blogging your way to success!


Jessica is passionate about studying and journalism. She finds her calling in making others interested in topics of education, blogging, and marketing developments. In addition, sometimes she works as a freelance writer for the company AustralianWritings, that provides essay help for students. Meet her on Facebook and Google+.

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