Would You Accept Free Internet and Cable With Forced Ad Breaks?

We like a great deal. Sales, discounts, free — it’s like music to our ears. But sometimes, in order to get something for free, you have to agree to certain terms and conditions like providing personal information, taking a survey or watching an advertisement.


Some internet service providers have begun to experiment with free cable and Internet options for their customers. In exchange for the free services, you get forced ad breaks either while you watch television or surf the Internet. Would you accept free Internet and cable services if you had to watch forced ad breaks?

Today, let’s take a look at both options. What advantages come with saying yes to the deal and what do you gain by saying no?

Yes! Bring On the Ads
If you are a bargain hunter looking for a great deal, you might jump at the chance for free Internet and cable. You don’t mind looking at advertisements periodically either on your television or on the Internet. After all, most ads are short, lasting about 30 seconds.

Some ads actually provide great information, too. You learn about new products, catch previews for new movies or learn about events in your local area. These ads serve a purpose and you don’t lose anything by watching them.

No! Don’t Invade My Privacy
Some users don’t mind accepting ads for free Internet and cable from Internet service providers. You may sit on the other side of the debate, though, seeing ads more negatively.

For you, advertisements are an intrusion into your privacy. You use a DVR to record all your shows so you can skip past ads. You pay extra for apps on your smart phone or tablet in order to eliminate intrusive banner ads. And you turn on your pop up blocker to stop pesky ads while you’re online.

Advertisements don’t provide any value to you and you want to avoid them at all costs. Free cable and Internet would not provide enough incentive for you to give up your ad free environment.

Of course, most of us fall somewhere in the middle of the argument. Sometimes we don’t mind watching a few ads; other times, we want to view our media without intrusion.

If internet service providers offer free or discounted cable and Internet in exchange for forced ad breaks, why not give it a try? You may find you don’t mind the ad intrusions from time to time especially when you gain a little more room in your budget.

Finding great deals sometimes requires giving something up. Free Internet and cable might require giving up some control over ads. So where do you fall in the debate? Will you watch a few more ads in exchange for free Internet and cable?

Nichole Knupp is a freelance blogger and marketing professional who writes guest posts
and website content for a variety of different blogs and niches that interest her. Her main interests are technology, marketing, blogging, SEO, business and careers.


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