Why To Get A Wireless Security System?

Having a home security system can mean a lot in terms of peace of mind. While no system will protect any home one hundred percent, it can be a big comfort to know that all of the entry points of your home are being continually monitored. And if anything happens, police can be notified by your security company without you having to lift a finger, meaning that any break-ins can be dealt with accordingly, even if you’re not able to be at home when they occur.


But when the time comes to install a home security system, many homeowners are faced with a choice; should they choose a wired or wireless system? Many homes have already had wired systems installed, meaning that if you’re buying a home, you may already have the convenience of home security, and all you have to do is get in touch with a company to monitor your home. But even if your home comes with a wired security system, you may want to consider going wireless. And there are several reasons for this.

Upgrades :

Many homeowners like the idea of being able to easily upgrade their system if need be, and this is exactly what a wireless home security system offers. Instead of having to purchase an entirely new model when you’re ready to expand, you can purchase an inexpensive receiver with spare zones so that there is room to increase your security coverage when the time comes.

Low-Tech Convenience :

Although many of today’s wireless home security systems are at the cutting edge of technology, they are surprisingly easy to operate, even for the least technically-inclined person. Not only can the control panel of a security system be easy to understand, but many of today’s wireless systems also include features like wireless keypads and portable panic buttons, which can provide even more peace of mind.

More Flexibility :

Wireless systems can also be more flexible where it comes to choosing which areas of your home will be protected. Having a wired security system in your home can mean that protection may be unable to be placed where you need it the most. This can happen when there is not enough wire to be run to a specific location. But wireless system doesn’t rely on wires, meaning sensors can be installed just about anywhere.

Of course, wireless systems will not be for every homeowner. Every situation is different, which is why the circumstances of all households considering the wireless option should be carefully considered. As well, each system has its advantages and disadvantages, all of which should also be carefully mulled over.

Signal Strength :

Many homeowners feel that a wired system is the more secure of the two because of the signal strength. Because all sensors in a home with a wired system receive signals of equal strength, all areas of a home can be equally protected. This can be especially important in large homes where there may be a great distance between a sensor and the control panel of the system. As well, there are no devices which can interfere with a wired security system, such as a baby monitor or other wireless devices.

Power Outages :

It’s widely known that a wireless security system is unaffected by power outages because of the fact that this type of system runs on batteries. With a wired system, you are at the mercy of the weather, and if you lose power, you also lose your security.

Cost and Effort :

The wireless version of a home security system is not only less costly to install than a wired one, but also much less invasive. This can be a definite benefit if you don’t plan to stay in your home for the long-term and wish to be able to take your security system with you to your next home.

A family meeting can be a great way to get an idea of how everyone feels about a possible new security system. And at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that no matter which system your family ends up choosing, that there are many other ways to protect your home and as many methods should be applied as possible.

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