Why Hiring Android Developers is a Rational Thought?

According to recent data, 4 out of every 5 smartphones that are shipped into the market are Android. For Q3 of 2013, 81% of devices shipped were Android. This shows the market dominance of Android and reveals the potential for Android app development. There is a huge plausible market for android app development companies, rather android developers perhaps.


The demand for android developers remain high with an average growth rate of 90% with senior developers hiring rate of 133% and hiring rate of developer being 47%. Hiring android developers can be a wise choice to develop android apps since there are many problems associated with developing an app.

Some of the common issues faced for Android app development are discussed below. If you have any plans to develop android apps then it is better to revise the following points to get an idea about existing challenges for Android app development.

Multiple Device Support

There are different types of mobile devices available in the market that opt for Android platform. Unbelievably, there are more than 170 types of hardware that runs Android while only 5 devices run on iPhone. Hence the app developed for Android platform should be able to maintain a uniformity in display across multiple screen sizes, support different keyboards, camera etc.

Multiple Version Support

Developing an Android app for a particular version needs proper research such that you select the most widely used version. The Android version keeps upgraded that your app may become invaluable with the current version. Therefore, thorough analysis of Android version is a must. (Hiring android developers may reduce your confusions)

Understanding User Preference

The user experience is unique for different mobile sets. One has to understand how the user utilizes the features like touch screen, keyboard etc. To be precise, same button in different sets of Android mobile has different function which may confuse the user to use the mobile intuitively.

Open Source

Android being an open source has many advantages as well as susceptible to security problems. It is difficult to handle the security issues across multiple devices with multiple versions. If the security issues are not dealt with quickly then it leads to unsatisfied customers.

Vast App Store

There are millions of app out there in the Android store, and there are more chance that your app may get lost in the app store. There is less probability that your app will be visible during a search.

Solution – Why Android Developers?

  • Hiring Android developers can be your simple solution to many of the existing problems since they may develop the apps customized as per the user need with professional experience.
  • You may remain tension-free of timely delivery by engaging the Android developers from Android app development companies (with infrastructure support) or as freelancers
  • Hiring Android developers can be cost effective with best hiring package.
  • Direct communication (single point of contact) can be established with the developer to build the best apps and get updates about the job progress.
  • One can test the knowledge of developer in Android SDK, APIs, C++, Java/J2ME, SQL Lite, Linux and other technologies before hiring.
  • Android developers can convert the disadvantages of Android as advantages with their field experience.


Android is a user friendly open source mobile platform that can be downloaded by anybody to develop apps. But, it is highly recommend that you hire a professional Android developer who have more knowledge about handling the software and hardware fragmentation of Android. Above all, you don’t have to worry about hiring staff, equipments, internet, and all other infrastructure facilities that you need to support android app development. Thus your favorite app can be developed by hiring android mobile app developers within your budget who have the skills and knowledge of latest technology.

Venkatesan R

Venkatesan R is a tech savvy blogger who writes on Android and iPhone technologies. He works as Marketing Head with an Android application development company which provides services for hiring android developers and iPhone developers.

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