What To Do If You Crack iPhone Screen

So, you got yourself an iPhone eh? Life just wouldn’t be quite as sweet without your little touchscreen friend, would it? Once you take a bite of the Apple, there’s just no going back. But bad things happen in life and if your iPhone ends up in the firing line, you’re going to want some answers. This article is here to guide you safely through the potentially world-shattering realization that you’ve cracked your iPhone screen. So, what to do if you crack iPhone screen?


By the way, if you’re reading this just in case you crack your iPhone screen but it hasn’t actually happened to you yet, my advice is: get a solid case or bumper for your iPhone and definitely avoid juggling with it when drunk.

What if its cracked but the Screen Still Works:

This is probably the most likely scenario. Drop an unprotected iPhone enough times and this is the fate that awaits you. The situation could be worse – you can still use your phone; you’re still connected to the world and you can still update your Facebook status – why not take the opportunity to tell your friends about the whole cracked screen predicament and soak up a bit of sympathy while you plot your next move? The chances are the visibility on your screen is reduced at this point, so be extra vigilant about the chance of embarrassing AutoCorrect fails along the lines of “FML my sister’s on crack”.

You have a few options if your screen’s cracked but your phone is still usable:

  • Ignore the situation until it gets worse.
  • Shore up the screen with one of those adhesive protectors and hold out for your next upgrade.
  • Get the phone repaired by a professional.

A small but tricky post for iPhone users Delete Browsing History from Safari iPhone Browser.

What if my iPhones Completely ……:

If your iPhone is no longer usable because the touchscreen layer beneath the top layer of the screen is damaged, then it should still be repairable. If you own an iPhone 5, 6,6s , you can take it to your local Apple Store and get it repaired while you watch, but this will probably be the most expensive option.

There are many independent cracked iPhone screen specialists that may be able to repair your phone for a lower cost – prices usually start at around £50 for an iPhone 4 or 4S, with most charging more to repair an iPhone 5.

If you’re phone is still in warranty because it’s still quite new and you haven’t done anything badass like jail breaking it, then you’ll need to bear in mind getting an independent company to carry out the repair could make your warranty void.

Just in case you were wondering, the warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage. It also doesn’t cover you if your phone’s damaged in an earthquake, but it’s probably fair to say that wouldn’t really be the biggest thing on your mind if you’ve just been involved in some kind of major tectonic situation.

If you’re the kind of person who’s realistic enough to have realized that you were probably going to crack your iPhone screen eventually, then hopefully that self-knowledge inspired you to get your iPhone insured against damage caused by you. Just phone them up, explain what a clumsy Clive you’ve been and they’ll probably send you a brand new iPhone, or a big fat juicy cheque. If you didn’t have insurance, then remember this moment and learn from it.

Cant I Just Fix it Myself :

If you’re into electronics and stuff and you like getting your hands dirty, there’s always the option of giving the repair a go yourself. Tutorials are easy to find online, and dudes in forums argue about the pros and cons of the DIY approach, but it’s probably best to leave it to the experts.

Jann Webb

Jann Webb is a writer who keeps herself up-to-date with the latest tech offerings. However, sadly her newest purchase was delicate and has left her with a cracked iPhone screen which she plans to get repaired as soon as possible.

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