What Makes For An Interesting Blog Title?

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You’ve written your blog and, like me, you’ve left the hardest bit until last: the title. It’s very tempting to knock out any old sentence that sums up the subject of your article, but if you don’t spend the time to come up with something interesting, your blog will disappear into the internet quicker than you can say ‘cyberspace’.

So, what makes for an interesting blog title? Try these tips and you’ll be on track to getting your blog post trending on social media.

Be Opinionated

The internet is one of the few places where you can really express what you think and enjoy success and popularity for having a niche opinion. Whatever the subject of your blog, try subverting your readers’ expectations by expressing the opposite of public opinion, for example ‘Why Stephenie Meyer is a Better Writer Than Shakespeare Ever Was’ – if you hold that opinion of course.

Meet the Reader Halfway

The whole point of blogging is to capture your reader’s attention and provide them with something useful. Ask yourself what your reader is getting from your blog and tell them that in the title. Try to be clear and concise with your phrasing, such as ‘See How Easily You Can Get Published’ or ‘The Secret to Being More Successful than J. K. Rowling’.

Why Haven’t You Written An Interesting Blog Title Yet?

Challenging the reader by asking direct, thought-provoking questions will catch their eye in a search engine. Questions like ‘Why Haven’t You Written a Bestseller Yet?’ will create a need that readers will want to fulfil by clicking on your blog post.

Interesting Blog Titles Are As Easy As One, Two, Three

Putting numbers into your title gives the reader the impression that your post will be quick and easy to read, particularly if you’re giving advice, and the average internet user doesn’t have a long attention span! They want information, and they want it now. Try phrasing such as ‘How To Write a Sonnet in Five Easy Steps’ or front the keyword of your post for search engine optimization, for example ‘Facebook: Five Reasons to Delete Your Account’.

Tell a Story

Summarising an interesting anecdote in your title can make all the difference to your post. Women’s magazines use them all the time. Try looking at the covers of these magazines for ideas and you’ll see titles like ‘I Gave Birth in a Coma’ or ‘How I Lost 10 Stone’, which are all designed to shock, inspire or create some other emotional response that lures the reader in. A unique anecdote will increase the chances of readers visiting your blog post and sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.

The only way to get your blog noticed is to make your titles as interesting as possible. You can write the best content in the world, but if no one clicks on the title they see in Google, they’ll never get to read it. By following these tips you’ll soon become a much more well-read writer online and pull thousands more readers into your blog each month!

Have you got more tips on what makes an interesting blog post? Share them below.

Julia Molloy

Julia Malloy is a freelance blogger who enjoys writing short stories and poetry. When she is not writing, she plays table tennis, watches Doctor Who and writes for the GKBC Writers Academy.

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