What Is A 360 Virtual Tour?

With the new virtual photography and video equipment on the market, creating a lifelike visual experience through online interactive videos are now not only possible but easier than ever. The amazing picture clarity and realism have set the interest in 360 virtual tour usage through websites rocketing. To maintain a competitive advantage in what you are offering, it’s essential to incorporate the usage of 360 virtual tours.


360 Virtual tours provide an in depth, unbroken, video footage at all angles. Customers can see just what they are purchasing with more reassurance and satisfaction. Unlike pictures, it is as if you are walking through the location yourself, with control of the camera. Older technology provided virtual tours that are basically just a video walk-through. 360 gives the customer or user the control to look around and “walk” in the direction of choice.

Why are They So Popular?

Gaining popularity quickly virtual tours are offering business a detailed and more accurate way to display their offerings, leaving no need to be on site or viewing in person. Investments in panoramic photography are sure to pay off as websites are increasing visitor ratings when incorporating this newest technology. Customers are even demanding the use of 360 software in the real estate business. Customers who request 360 virtual tours are more likely to be educated, wealthy home buyers in their prime years of life; drawing in solid decision makers and serious minded investors to your website. Bring more eyes to your homes for sale and less foot traffic. More is to be offered than just home tours. Take viewers to far off places such as the moon! College orientations, viewing artwork, and even notable locations such as the Eiffel Tower and Golden Gate bridge can be viewed as if you’re walking around it on location.

The tourism industry benefited like never before with realism offered through 360 virtual photography equipment. Software can be purchased online for use with existing equipment, or bundled with camera lenses and accessories. A 360 Photography specialist can be contracted to create virtual tours or you can make use of the many “do-it-yourself” software that comes with equipment bundles. There is no programming required to use the software and multi languages are supported. The user can also go back and edit the virtual tour whenever needed at no extra cost. There are also many imaging companies online offering virtual tour packages at competitive prices if you’re interested in hiring out the work you need completed.

David Lee

This post was written by David Lee a expert photographer who recommends http://panaround.co.uk/ for further information on virtual and visual tours

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