What are Gaming Cards (R4 Cards) and Usage of It

The R4 card is used as the storage device to store the Nintendo DS. All over the world, the Nintendo users use this card. There are many different kinds of R4 cards for the Nintendo DS models. But the original MODEL OF THE Nintendo DS is the DS model, the DS Lite model, the DSI model and the recent one that is popular in the games market is the Nintendo 3DS.

In the gaming consoles world, Nintendo is one of the gazebo names. For many years, the world’s biggest game console manufacturers is the Japan based industry. In the year 1977, its first console came out. At the beginning the consoles were not portable but with the development of the technology along with many other new innovations, game consoles had to become portable.

R4 cards are related with with Nintendo DS gaming consoles. They are used as the storage devices of the consoles. Storage devices are the most important part as without them the consoles will not operate perfectly. The different varieties of games that people play on the DS consoles are needed to be stored in the storage space and R4 cards provide that space so that the gamers can enjoy the different aspect of the games. Nintendo DS has earned its fame due to various reasons:

  • In the storage device, you can store animation, songs, images, text, photos etc
  • The DS Games are almost impossible to find anywhere else
  • You can carry the Nintendo DS along with you without any kinds of difficulties as it’s portable
  • You can able to download hundreds of games as soon as you buy a Nintendo DS
  • In a DS console, you can play games both online as well as locally
  •  And the mast unique features of the R4 card is that there are two screens and also there in an intuitive touch game controls.

It’s a lucrative offer to the gamers who are experienced to play different varieties of games and in this way, the Nintendo DS has become the world’s best selling handheld gaming console. Since it has achieved a high level of success, the priority of R4 cards has risen rapidly too. The very current model in the DS series is the Nintendo 3DS. This console will help you play 3D games. The main attributes of these consoles are as follows:

  1. It has 3D camera
  2. It consists of both touch screen as well as analog control
  3. It contains a stylus for better touch control
  4. It has a motion and gyro sensor gaming
  5. It consists of 3D graphics without any special glasses
  6. It has an outstanding backward compatibility (2D games can be played in the control)
  7.  And it has 3D screen and depth slider.

Thus you are needed to buy a R4 card for external memory, so that you can make use of the console to its fullest potential. Or else your gaming excitement as well as experience will remain somewhat unsatisfactory. There it’s available other gaming accessories like speakers, controllers that the gamers can buy to enrich their gaming experience.

Points :

If you have planned to buy a R4 card, you have to be a little more alert while buying a R4 card so it’s better to go for the large electronic store to buy a R4 card so that you will get the external storage facility where at the same time you can download different varieties of games or any other songs, videos, images etc.

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