How to Watch Game of Thrones From India

How to watch Game of Thrones from India is a big question to the fans of Game of Thrones. Yes, the mega super hit serial Game of Thrones is back in HBO with Game of Thrones Season 6, started on April 24th, 2016. But the viewers from India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal (South East Asian Countries) are unable to view the world super hit series of Game of Thrones as the HBO entertainment is not available in this area. But I do not want to deprive the views of the India, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal (South East Asian Countries) from  watching the super hit series of Game of Thrones.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Season 6 From India or Bangladesh?

As the HBO entertainment is not available to this region, you will not be able to watch Game of Thrones by watching your TV cable line. The best way to watch this mega hit series is to download the episodes from Extratorrent or from any torrent site and watch it. The Game of Thrones Episodes become available just after 10-12 hours of the TV broadcast. So, if you want to watch Game of Thrones from India or Bangladesh, please wait till the next day and you will be able to watch the HD version of the Game of Thrones.

Step by Step Guide to Watch Game of Thrones Latest Season:

  1. At first go to the site Extratorrent to get the latest torrent file of the latest Game of Thrones episode. You will have to search in the “TV Torrents” category to get the Game of Thrones files as this is a TV series. The below picture shows the torrent file of Game of Thrones:


2. While downloading the file, to ensure better quality please consider the number of seeders or leechers. If the number of seeders are high, it will take less time to download the file. Also consider the screen quality of the torrent. In the file first file description it is written “Proper HDTV” which means the print will be a HD quality print. So, this one is a good torrent file to download. Also check the comments to know the quality of the file. The file also shows the size of the file. This is not an intelligent task to choose a big size file cause it will take long time to download.

3. Now to download click on the file and the torrent file will get downloaded.

4. You need a torrent file downloader to download the actual file of the series. I use BitTorrent to download torrent files. If you do not know how to download file from Extratorrent, you will have to read the article and follow the steps How To Download Movie From Extratorrent?

5. After downloading the video, enjoy the super cool series of Game of Thrones.

I hope the above article will help you to watch Game of Thrones from India or Bangladesh or from any countries where the HBO channel is not available. If you want to add something to this article, please let me know in comment. Also, please let me know the favorite character of Game of Thrones.

The above tips are for Windows operating system users. If you are using Linux, please read the article How to Download Movie from Torrent Site in Linux Ubuntu and you will be able to download it in Linux platform also.

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