Using Mobiles to Market and Sell

Everyone is using mobile devices these days. They’re using them to shop, to compare prices in stores, to find the location of a nearby coffee shop their friends recommended, to check out the reviews for a bike shop they’re thinking of purchasing from… the list goes on. Go out into the street, pick five people and ask them if they have a smartphone – my money’s on ‘yes.’

Mobile_Marketing With so many people using mobile devices to do their day-to-day activities, it’s no surprise that businesses and service-providers across the globe are using them to reach a wider audience. The days where a small, local business were actually a small, local business are long gone. Now, any small store across the world has the power to open up shop on an international scale, and almost compete with the ‘big boys’ (such as Amazon and eBay).

It still takes tens of thousands of pounds (or dollars, depending where you are, obviously) to set-up a shop front. Then, you have the ongoing overheads, you have to pay staff, shipping and delivery of your products, interior design and furniture… the least of expenses for setting up a physical shop are endless. Well… they aren’t, if you go online.

To set-up shop online, you need a good idea, a good business plan, a web developer and some sound graphic design advice, and you’re well on your way. For an initially low investment, and some on-going costs, you can have an online store up ready to start selling – it’s that easy!

It doesn’t just stop there, though… the real question you have to ask yourself is, ‘how do I stand out from the crowd?’

Well, there are plenty of ways to get yourself seen, and to make a lasting impression. Try making sure your website has a responsive design – users will really appreciate an enriched experience suited to their device. You can also explore using social media to target the areas of the markets you want to explore. If you know that people within certain areas seem more likely to purchase from you, target some social media and pay-per-click campaigns exclusively in that area.

The important thing to know, and to always be aware of is that there is a huge range of ways to market and sell. Use all of the technology at your fingertips to achieve your goals, and don’t give up.

Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell is a digital marketing consultant based in London, UK.
He built his first website when he was an 11-year-old kid and now helps small businesses and global brands define and execute their online marketing strategies. You can check Graphic Design Agency Jask Group

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