Useful Tips and Tricks for Google Hangout

Google hangout is a feature from Google Plus which will let you conduct one conference between some people. There are many online features through which you will be able to conduct this kind of conference but the this is very easy to conduct one Google Hangout between people because almost all the people are having one gmail account and also you will get some extra feature to conduct one Google Hangout. Below are some tips and tricks for Google Hangout:

Some Tips to Make Your Google Hangout Better:

1. You will be able to add some description about you the bottom of your screen, so that people will be able to know your name and something about you.Like i have done in the below picture:



You can see from the above picture that i have added my name, who i am and also my country flag.Because when you do conference then may be it is possible that some people do not know about you.So, in that case this is very much logical to put everyone’s description.

2. You will also be able to record it in YouTube. There is also one feature which is added in Google Hangout.

3. You can also chat while doing the conference just by pressing the Chat tab.

4. At the same time you will also be able to add some special feature from Google hangout like some kind of artificial sound or other sound.

5. You will be able to share your screen in-between the that if you want to show something to someone by sharing the screen, you will be able to do it.

I am sure that by adding the above features, your “Google Hangout” hangout will be a successful one and you will be able to share all your information in a very technically sound way.


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