Why to Use A Premium WordPress Theme for Your Blog

I started my blogging in a free blogspot platform with a blog related to telecommunication news. After a year, when I had found that blogging is my passion, I decided to switch to WordPress. But to use WordPress I had to buy my own hosting plan. I was a bit confused about which hosting plan to buy as there are a lot of companies and a lot of offers. After searching online for a long time, I decided to buy a shared hosting plan for HostGator. I am using HostGator as my hosting provider for the last 4 years. It was really easy to install WordPress via HostGator cPanel. I choose to use the default Twenty Eleven WordPress theme for my blog. That was the biggest mistake I had done to choose a free WordPress theme for my professional blogging. I regret, I would have done better if I had chosen a premium WordPress theme. Here in this post I will explain why to use a premium WordPress theme.

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I was Struggling with the Default WordPress Theme:

Not SEO Friendly:

If you know about SEO, you will understand this is how much important to use a theme which is SEO friendly. The default WordPress themes are not SEO friendly. Sometimes you can make them SEO friendly manually but you need some advance level knowledge to do this. If your theme is not SEO friendly, the search engine crawlers does not treat your blog well. As a result, your blog gets lower ranking in the search result.

Does not Give Your a Professional Look:

The first impression lasts forever! This is true for your blog also. If a visitor comes to your blog and does not experience user friendliness, he or she will not prefer to visit your blog again. You will loose a returning visitor though you have some good contents. If the blog does not give your visitor a professional look, your visitor will not get confident to use any information from your blog. They have the feeling that the blog is maintained by a newbie. In the long run this will affect the number of visitors of your blog.

I tried to customize the Twenty Eleven Theme and tried to give my blog a professional look. But I was not 100% successful as I did not have an advanced level of coding knowledge. Also, if you customize the blog code, it increases the loading time of your blog. The customized theme also does not work in the mobile platform.

Higher Blog Loading Speed:

 The default WordPress themes load at a higher speed. It takes longer to load on your desktop browser and also in mobile browser. This is not good for the blog SEO. In these cases, what happens is, when someone gets your blog in the search result, they click on your blog link. But as the blog loads slowly, they click on the back arrow and go to the second search result. These action from your blog visitor ranks your webpage down. So, the blog loading speed is an important factor for SEO.

Social Media Friendliness and Mobile Responsiveness:

Social media signals are one of the important factors for your blog success. If your blog is not getting enough social love, you really need to do some hard work to get social love. The modern content marketing strategy depends on social media marketing and getting social love. If you are using a default WordPress theme, there is less chance that your theme is social media friendly. If the visitors are struggling to get an easy way to share the blogs on social media, you are loosing a huge number of traffic and sale.

Now-a-days, more than 50% of the visitors are mobile users. If you blog is not mobile friendly and takes a long time to load on mobile devices, you are loosing traffic. The same thing happened to me. I was using a WordPress plugin to make my blog mobile friendly which increased the blog loading time of my blog in mobile devices.

Advantages After Using a Premium WordPress Theme:

Finally, decided to switch from a free WordPress theme to a premium WordPress theme a month back. The good thing is, I have already started getting the good results. I bought a premium theme from MyThemeShop where you can find a huge collection of WordPress themes which are suitable for big, small or medium websites. I choose to use the TruePixel Theme which is a good fit for my technology blog. Within one month of using the premium WordPress theme for my blog, I started getting the good results for my blog. Below are some points:

Better Alexa Stats:

Alexa ranks are one of the reliable stats to track your website improvement. Just after couple of weeks from switching free WordPress them to premium WordPress theme, I have noticed some remarkable changes to the Alexa Stats.

Result after 2 weeks:


Result Analysis after 2 Weeks: From the above stat, you can see the bounce rate of my blog decreased by 6% and the bounce rate is below 50% which is good for a size of blog like mine. The daily page view per site increased by 240%. This is amazing!!  Now, you can imagine how user friendly the them is to stick the visitors to the site. The daily time on site has increased almost 200% percent. This is fabulous! All these are happening just after 2 weeks of switching from free WordPress theme to a premium WordPress theme.

Result after 1 Month:


Result Analysis after 1 Month: You can see the wonderful Alexa result after using the TruePixel theme from MyThemeShop. The bounce rate decreased to 37.70% which is excellent for a blog like TechnTechie. Daily page view per visitor increased by 410% and daily time on site increased by 395%. So, you can see the best part of using a premium WordPress theme!

Higher Google Adsense Earning:

The TruePixel theme that I am using for my blog is Google Adsense optimized. After using the theme, my Google Adsense earning started increasing almost by 200%. The best thing about the plugin is, you can place an ad on the header of the blog from where you can get a lot of clicks if you are using Google adsense for your earning. This banner space in the header works better for Affiliate marketing also. You can place ad just below post title and also after the post content, which increases the click through rate (CTR).

Social Love:

I am getting a good number of social love after using this WordPress theme. This is socially optimized and the number of share of my content in social media has increased which I can track from Google analytics. Also, I have got 1000 more Twitter followers within one month of using this premium WordPress theme.

Blog Loads Faster:

Before using the Premium WordPress theme, my blog loading speed score in Google PageSpeed Insight was 56 only. Now the PageSpeed score of my blog is 84. Can you spot the difference? Now my blog loads like a rocket. Also there is an option in my theme by which that feature I can even load my page faster once the blog gets loaded in browser. Suppose, the homepage is loaded, now if you click on the post pages, that will load even faster i.e. 2x faster. Which gives your user an awesome user experience!

The Best Thing That No One Will Tell You About a Premium WordPress Theme:

If you are in affiliate marketing or in Google Adsense earning, there is no exception of a premium WordPress theme. For a professional look, for a better SEO , to get social love and to make your content viral on social media you will have to use a premium WordPress theme. But the best thing is, the premium WordPress themes are very cheap to buy. I personally recommend MyThemeShop because I have got a real good theme from this website with a great price.

If you do not know how to install a premium WordPress theme, you can read How to Install Premium WordPress Theme for Your BlogThis is really simple and anyone without any technical knowledge can do it.

If you are not sure which WordPress theme to choose for your website, you read Things to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Theme for Beginners.

One Trick to Get Cheaper Price:

Please sign up for free to MyThemShop before buying a theme and then browse the themes to buy. Once you are a free member of MyThemeShop, you will get cheaper price compared to a stranger. The cost is only one time. You do not have to pay by month or year. Once you bought it, the theme is yours.

Current Offer from MyThemShop: (Get a Premium Theme Only for 9$)

Right now there is a huge sell going on! You will be able to buy any premium theme just by spending 9$. Yes, you are reading it right. You will have to spend only 9$ to get a premium WordPress theme. All you need to do is:

I hope the above article explains well about why to use a premium WordPress theme. If you face any problem please let me know via comments or email me. You will get my email address on the about page. I will be more than happy to reply you.

Himadri is a passionate blogger who writes for his technology tips & tricks related blog TechnTechie. He is also a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury. Though it is hard to balance time in between research and blogging, he still manages time to work for his own blog and writes regularly. The dashboard of this WordPress is the only place where he does not feel tired!

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