Top Mothers Day Wallpaper Collection for Your Mobile, Facebook or Desktop!

Readers do you know when is the Mothers day this year is? May be most of your know when is the mother’s day. Those who do not know just for them i want to mention that Mothers Day gets celebrated in each year on the second Sunday of May. So, this year Mother’s Day is on 8th May, 2016. Mothers day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. There is a history behind the Mothers Day. The American incarnation of Mothers day was created by Anna Jarvis in the year 1908 which became an official U.S. holiday in the year 2014. Which means Americans are celebrating the Mothers day for about 100 years. The majority of the countries celebrate Mothers day on the second Sunday on the Month of May. The earliest society that were celebrating Mothers day are the ancient Egyptians. They held a festival to honor goddess Isis.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas:

The popular gift ideas for a mother can be categorized into below categories:

  1. Chocolate gifts for MUM
  2. Cookery & Baking Gifts
  3. Pampering gifts for Mum
  4. Home Gifts
  5. Jewelry Gifts
  6. Gardening Gifts
  7. Any personalized gift for her

From my point of view, mother will be very happy if you send her a personalized gift rather buying a random or generalized one!

So, what is your plan for this mother day? Are you going to buy a gift for your mother? Are you going to send your mother one nice card? Looking for a nice quote to send as SMS or looking for a nice wallpaper to send to your mother? Then i think this post will be able to help you. Below are some nice Mothers day wallpaper which you will be able to use for your mobile, Facebook cover photo or as desktop wallpaper. Check the below pictures:









Happy_Mothersday_Wallpaper_1 Happy_Mothersday_Wallpaper_2 Happy_Mothersday_Wallpaper_3 Happy_Mothersday_Wallpaper_4 Mothers_Day_Wallpaper Happy_Mothersday_Wallpaper_6 Mothers_day_Wallpaper1


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