Top 5 Tech Gift Idea For New Year and Christmas Under 50 Dollar!

When it comes to gift then you have thousand options and you become helpless to decide which one to choose.Same thing happens to everyone.As the Christmas and the New Year is coming, a lot of people are busy or interested to select one gift for their nearer or dearer one.Many people think about many kind of gifts.As i am from technology background and love to relate anything with technology, i am suggesting you some technology related gifts which are under 50 USD.Below are my top 5 tech gift Idea for you:

5. MP3 Music Player:


iPad Shuffle Price in UK is 40 pound


May be you are thinking that now many tech gadgets are having one MP3 player like iPhone or any kind of smartphone, TV,laptop,tablet or may by your xbox is having one MP3 Player.But when it comes to one MP3 player having one clip to attach it with your cloth while jogging or when you are mobile and do not want to carry a lot of things with you then the best thing that you can carry with you to listen music is like on iPod Shuffle or Clip Zip.So, according to Techntechie ranking this is the number 5 tech gift that you can offer your friend.

4. Logitech Harmony Remote Control 300:


Those who are using a dozens of remote controls to control their electronic equipment or other technological devices, for them “Logitech Harmony Remote Control 300” is just a blessing.The price of this remote control in Amazon is 34.9 USD right now.So,with this gift one person will be able to control all his devices.


If you are ready to pay a bit more like 60 USD then you will be able to get the “Logitech Harmony Remote Control 650” which is also having one built in screen also.

3. D-Link DIR-605 L Cloud Router:


This is one of the top 5 routers within 80 USD which is ready to provide you internet with a light speed and lots of killer features.You will also be able to monitor it from your Android or iOS application.You can log in to your WiFi Connection and monitor and control the whole things.May be someone is having some other router but this one is best one and other do not have such kind of application with Android or iOS.

2. Headphones:


I have seen a very less number of people who get disappointed about their new pair of headphones.If you look for stylish headphones there is enough option in your hand which are available under 50 USD.If you go for the quality then Panasonic is there with lots of collection. You can make your choice and this is a very easy choice i guess!

1. A Bluetooth Music Receiver:


A Bluetooth music receiver is a very smart device for the tech nerds these days.Cause everyone is having one smartphone or tab or a laptop.In those devices MP3 Player is already added.But this does not give you the boost in the bass or in the beat.So, people search for a small kind of sound box.This Bluetooth music receiver is a kind of tech gadget which will give you more sound and also you do not need to connect it with your device.You do not need to attach it with your device.Just charge it and make it on and then you will be able to hear the amplified sound of your tech device.You can use it while travelling with friends.So,if someone will get it as a gift he or she will be more than happy and it has more than 100 places or situation where it can be used.So, you can choose one of them and make it a popular gift in this New Year or Christmas.Also the price is within 50 USD.

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