Top 5 Affiliate Networks 2013

An increasing number of people are now earning a significant income as affiliates. Briefly, an affiliate refers people to another site where the company or site owner has a product to sell or harvests email addresses to add to their mailing lists.

Providing you understand how to promote things and can write content that is interesting and informative and invokes trust in the reader, you should be able to make money as an affiliate.

Not all affiliate networks are the same; some are more informative and make it easier for affiliates to make money than others. The best networks offer affiliates many valuable tools so that they can track their progress and monitor their earnings. In addition to the foregoing, some networks make things easier for affiliates by providing a snippet of html text that they can place on their site.

Below is some information on affiliates voted top in 2013, and why they have that prominence.

1. Shareasale:


Shareasale offers a number of different merchant programmes for affiliates, which means that the affiliate can manage everything in one place. Shareasale pays affiliates in one monthly check for commission on sales and leads generated from all the merchants they choose to work with. Affiliates with Shareasale need to have a valid website and registered email address.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program:


The Amazon affiliate programme has been around for some years. There are unlimited products for affiliates to promote and the company pays every sixty days, either by direct deposit or by cheque.

With the Amazon program, you promote products via a link on your own blog or website. Affiliates choose which products they want to promote and simply paste some text onto their blog or website.

3. Clickbank

Clickbank is a market place for digital information products and is currently the largest one there is. You promote any one or more of thousands of digital information products or ebooks.

Some of the product owners on Clickbank offer 75% commission, so it is possible to earn a considerable amount of money. Clickbank is among the most popular affiliate networks and very easy to work with as they have affiliate tools and an online reporting system. Payment is usually made through Paypal and they pay every week.

4. Commission Junction

Commission Junction is among the largest of the affiliate networks and there are 1500 products to choose from. Affiliates who work with this particular network say that it’s very good and has lots of tools and features to make promotion easier.

It is easy to get instant acceptance of an account with Commission Junction. They pay every 20-30 days by cheque or direct deposit.

5. LinkShare

LinkShare has also been voted one of the best affiliate networks of 2013 and there are a thousand products for affiliates to choose from. The company offers lots of features and is noted for its excellent customer support.

LinkShare pays affiliates on a monthly basis, either via cheque or direct deposit.

Do your research before you choose the network you’ll be joining.


Written by James, an experienced affiliate marketer.

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