Top 10 Free SEO Tools & Plug-ins You Couldn’t Live Without

The worldwide web has become most effective platform for millions of businesses seeking global visibility to market their products, services and earn excellent profits through their online sales. However, this begins with ensuring that your site’s SEO rankings are high enough to make it appear on the top five search engine results. Search engine optimization tools and plugins are very essential in achieving this because they are very crucial to practicing SEO and grasping a better understanding of how the industry operates.

Unfortunately, some tools and plugins for SEO are expensive hence can cost your business a lot of money. However, there are some which are free and will absolutely get the job done. Below is a list of the top choices you literally couldn’t exist without.


If you want to be successful in SEO, then you shouldn’t ignore technical knowledge. FireBug addresses this concern by providing you with a number of web development tools that help you monitor JavaScript, CSS and view HTML live. This enables you to know how much time it takes for your pages to load.

SEO Quake-

SEO Quake is the most powerful search engine optimization tool that’s compatible with a wide array of browsers and is used for a huge number of parameters. It is a too that saves you the time of having to hire a professional by providing you with an overview of the number of both internal and external links to a domain or page and other vital aspects of SEO including keyword density.

Open Site Explorer-

Open site explorer is a SEO tool used for the analysis of links and it is essentially vital for any campaign that targets link building. It has the ability to show links to a site or a page (up to 10000). You can also use it to create a comparison between two domains and thus enabling you to establish which content draws more links to your competitor’s site.

Redirect Checker-

Redirect_Checker This is also the best search engine optimization tools that enables you to check on the type of redirects that exist for an individual page. However, implementation of the latest versions of this SEO tool is taking place at a slow pace.

SEO Bookmark Toolbar-

SEO_Bookmark_Toolbar This is a toolbar that has similar features to SEO Quake that are very essential for SEO. SEO bookmark tool bar can help you compare up to five websites and hence is a great link analysis tool for competitor research. Also, it has an easy to follow link highlighter feature.

Spider Test-

This is a spider simulator SEO tool that displays a page’s source code, indexed pages in giant search engines, copies of the cached pages and the common phrases and words used in the pages, and help identify all the links that are outbound on the page.


Whois is an important tool that lets you check all the crucial details about your server and host in real time. It is great for solving online mysteries and snooping.

Google Webmaster Tools-
Google is a giant search engine and if you want SEO tools that are based on it, then Google Webmaster Tools can do the job for you. Google Webmaster Tools provides you with your website’s overview including broken links, Geo targeting and http error pages. Also, there are some features which were added most recently that enable you to view the impression number for search queries.

SEOmoz GeoTarget-
As one of the greatest SEO tools, SEOmoz GeoTarget helps small businesses to understand how well their sites target region specific search engines. For instance, it helps them determine the locations search engines think their website is located; hence it is important for businesses that target specific audience.

XML Sitemap Generator-
The most important part of SEO is that of creating XML sitemaps to help monitor broken links, especially if your website has dynamic or a huge archive of pages with content that isn’t well-linked to. XML Sitemap Generator can help you do this job in the most effective manner. However, it is only free for a maximum of 500 web pages but you can adjust the priority pages automatically.

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