Tips to Increase Blog Traffic – No Shortcut !

If you are looking for a shortcut way to increase blog traffic of your blog then please do not read this article. If someone is also telling that there are shortcuts to increase blog traffic immediately, then that is temporary solution. There are no shortcuts to increase blog traffic in a blog! If you are looking for a long term plan and the plan which surely boost up your traffic within one month. The plan will make your blog strong from inside to attract traffic.

In a blog content has the most significant impact but when it comes to making money then ‘Traffic’ is the keyword. It is traffic that brings your content to the readers’ reach. There are many blogs online and a pretty large number of them carry really good stuff, but if nobody gets to see them then what is the point of posting them. It is no wonder then that ‘traffic’ is the king when it comes to making a blog successful. Most writers believe that if their writing is good; people will like it and flock to it. What they happen to forget is that there is a lot of good stuff out there and as the years go by the attention span of the reader is getting shorter. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you pay attention to various tools and tricks to bring in that much desired traffic to your blog.


 Blogging Tips to Boost Traffic:

  1. The online community likes blogs when they are updated frequently and post fresh content regularly. It is one of the keys to maintaining huge traffic on your site. So make sure to update your blog, regularly.
  2. Use long tail keywords while creating your posts but do not compromise on quality for the sake of keywords. Both must work together and you must keep in mind that you are writing for people who will read your blog, only if it helps them in some way with their needs and issues. At the same time make your blog searchable with the keywords.
  3. It is best to write articles and submit them to online directories as it helps in promoting your blog. Try to give the user what s/he is looking for and do not divulge the specific product. Instead, let it take the reader to your blog. Always try to back link them to your blog.
  4. Create a relation with the blogosphere (blog community). You can do that by posting relevant comment s on the blogs that belong to the niche reader. Just make sure that the commenting is done politely, so as you do not end up annoying that community.
  5. You can also make use of forum posting and video marketing to generate traffic for your blog. Raise the right kind of questions and contribute to the discussions on these forums. Make sure to put your link as signature at the end of your comment. This will enable people to click on your signature and bring them to your page. It can help you create awareness and target the right audience for your blog.
  6. Classified ads are also helpful in bringing visitors and work much better than the word of mouth. Most free ads are allowed for a period of 30 to 90 days. But, don’t forget that you are posting these classified ads for free and you do need to advertise your blog any which way.
  7. The best tips are to stay active, consistent and create high quality content to deliver value on your blog.

Most bloggers depend on the search engines to lead the traffic to their site and there is nothing wrong with this method, but you need to be much more dynamic and make best use of the latest and most radical methods to generate enough traffic to your blog, in order to make a success out of it.


Priyanka is a web content developer, professional blogger and an internet marketing stagiest. She help online marketers to generate popularity and sales through free online classifieds. Currently working with

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