Tips On Blogging For A Coach/Psychologist

It is no longer up in the air whether a blog is needed or not. If you are a business coach, a psychologist, consultant, marketing expert or an attorney, a blog is a tribune for communication with your audience then. The following question is on the front burner at the moment: how to do it best, how to make an audience bigger (a number of customers as a result), how to keep it. What is the secret of one blog to be extremely popular while another one is like a mere vegetable in the background of Internet?

What to engage with?

Normally they say that one should write on something one is interested in the first place. Yes, what is interesting and easy to write about. It is half the battle though. Another question and of more importance is what is interesting for your audience. If a blog is a tribune (for communication with audience but not with yourself), it is important to understand what your readers want to find on the pages of your blog. What they are interested in keep the fire of their interest in your blog burning.

Uniqueness of content is what the next paragraph is going to be about. If what you write about is easy to find in other blogs, your blog might turn out to be out of interest. It might simply stand on the sidelines. It is difficult to find something unique at our overloaded with information time. What to look for unique content? Let information through yourself; let it be soaked in your attitude, perception, comments and estimation. Add some emotions at long last. Here it comes, something unique in output besides yours.

You are a business coach with an excellent base of team-building events on sales and write on sales only. It is wonderful; you try to remain within your niche. However, are sales only your audience is interested in? Do not let your niche put limitations on you. Extend your blog with information “from your neighbors”: write about synergy of marketing and sales, about how to choose personnel right. If to go beyond your sphere, it is a chance to increase your audience. The main thing is not to push oneself too hard. A blog with fifty rubles of different key topics and tags is a mere overkill.

How to engage?

Come up with a headline. It should coincide with the content, to be catchy, inviting. 30% of readers are lost at the stage of a headline.

Get your readers interested with the first few paragraphs of your blog. If you fail with this, no one is going to read it to the end. Think over a structure of every entry. Divide it into subtitles. Everyone has a style of his/her own here. If you want to attract some special attention to some of the blocks, make lists.

Size does not matter. It is false to think that big lists are not read. Yes, to engage in empty talk is wrong. Make it flow like a river, make it readable and it does not matter how many symbols are there. Those who cannot manage reading from the screen, will continue reading on smartphone or tablet being on traffic jam or in the queue for a dentist appointment.

The most interesting thing begins in the end. It is important not simply lead a reader through your text, but to conclude it right. You can make a row of conclusions drawing a line and give your readers a feeling of the thought to be ended. You may also ask a question and to proceed a dialogue with your readers in comments. It is up to you what option to choose.

Make a blog part of your life.

One entry during two months is unlikely to attract trains of subscribers. Every blog has a frequency of entry coming out of its own. There is no a single rule or a common standard. Find a frequency of your own, which is comfortable for you. Do not set up a rule like not a day without an entry if your working timetable is rather aggressive. Do not turn into a blog worshiper; you should feel yourself comfortable making your entries.

Remember: be honest, love your audience, people feel it. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Melisa Marzett

Melisa Marzett working for Paper Writing Service – at the time is an inspiring author, writer, blogger and simply a beautiful young woman who enjoys writing articles on different topics.

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