The HTC Wildfire S Is A Style Statement

The new HTC Wildfire S is the successor to the popular ‘Wildfire’ series that targets the same audience, while offering many improved features. If you are looking to buy a smaller than average smartphone, then the HTC Wildfire S is probably the best option available. The HTC Wildfire S comes with many eye catching features that include an LCD screen with high resolution, extended memory and HTC Sense UI (Gingerbread) technology. When compared with the original Wildfire, the improved version is certainly more impressive.

The HTC Wildfire S is a Style Statement


The HTC Wildfire S is a compact smartphone yet still comes with a 3.2 inch touch screen, Android 2.3.3 and ‘Gingerbread’. This beautifully crafted handset is lined with fine aluminium to give it an elegant look. The rear has a sturdy plastic finish, while power and volume buttons are surrounded with the silver strips giving it a unique visual edge over competitors. The smaller size makes it more discreet and general handling of the handset is exceptional while the power button is bigger and more user-friendly. The handset is well built and offers attractive features like 3G Network and a 5 megapixel camera with an LED flash. The Sense UI technology of Gingerbread provides graphic richness and extraordinary capabilities.

The all new HTC Wildfire S has the additional features of a micro SD card slot, micro USB socket, headphone jack and battery cover; however a front-facing camera and the micro HDMI output are missing. These disadvantages can be overlooked as it still provides plenty for the targeted low to mid-range smartphone customer. Although the handset is smaller in size than the previous version, it still has a 3.2 inch screen which is just 0.3 inches smaller than an iPhone – the high quality display is excellent and enriches general navigation as well as web browsing. The HTC Wildfire S provides better viewing angles, brighter colours and the screen resolution is enhanced from 240×320 pixels to 320×420 pixels. The original Wildfire handset was hugely popular and this newer version is undoubtedly continuing to appeal to consumers with its new and improved capabilities.

Improvements to the HTC Wildfire S Means it’s Now Smaller

However, the handset is not ideal if you want to sit back and watch videos, plus the typing space feels a little cramped owing to the reduced handset size – this is fine when typing slowly but as soon as you try to crank up the speed it gives you problems. HTC has its own keypad and its performance is on the lower side when you compare it with the standard Android keypad, however HTC has provided a vibration feature that helps you to hit the right spot. The optical track pad has been removed to shorten the size and weight, with this new handset weighing 105g against the original 118g. Its ‘proximity feature’ is one of the unique characteristics of the handset where the screen light dims when you press it to your ear.

The HTC Wildfire s is ideally built to serve the needs of mid to low range smartphone users and it feels impressively solid for general day to day use.

Travis Bliffen

Travis Bliffen is an expert writer in the telecommunication industry and has written several reviews for his readers. He has reviewed many smartphone brands including the HTC Wildfire S White and his reviews are greatly valued by the industry experts and readers.

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