The Grand Viral Contest from Viral Content Buzz – Make Content Viral & Win Money !!

Hello, friends in this hot summer i am here to introduce you some cool offer! Do you remember that i mentioned in my blog about a cool content marketing site which is named as Viral Content Buzz? If you do not know about it earlier then i am going to explain this to you within a very short time. Viral Content Buzz is a kind of social sharing site where you will be able to add your content your link, you can earn credit by sharing others content and you can use this credits for your content to be shared. Contents are shared in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in StumbleUpon also. To get more share from Viral Content Buzz, the trick is just add your content in the correct category.


Viral Content Buzz has started one contest in this summer and the first prize of the contest is 1000 USD !! Can you believe this?!? You will get share for your content and they will also provide you money for that! So, nothing to lose! The next step for you is to join the Viral Contest Buzz and add your social accounts and then earn credits and then if you get the highest share from viral content buzz, you are going to be the winner and the prize money is 1000 USD !! Oh… it is huge!

If your article gets most clicks from viral content buzz, you are also going to get another 500 USD!

Just by promoting this contest you will also be able to earn another 200 USD and the prize will be given to multiple users who are actively sharing the news about this contest and Viral Content Buzz is also getting good number of visitors from the sources!

You will be able to get more official knowledge about this contest from here “The Grand viral marketing contest!

Viral Content Buzz

 Prizes for the Contest:

1. The article that will get most shares from Viral Content Buzz gets 1000 USD.

2. The article that will generate most number of clicks will get 500 USD.

3. The most shared contest announcement will get 200 USD and the prize is more than one and is for the active promoters of this contest. You just need to blog about this contest and then need to submit the promotion page url in “Spread the Contest” section of the contest.

* You can also use the badges from Viral Content Buzz or use the video to beautify your contest promotion.

Requirements to Participate in this Contest:

1. You need to have one account in Viral Content Buzz so that you can add your high quality content and add points on those or that article. You can sign up here.

2. You need to have one Paypal account because the prize money will be sent to the paypal account.

** There are some countries where Paypal is still not available but still you can join Viral Content Buzz because this platform gives your content one opportunity to get more visitors and your content gets shared in social media.

Note : The deadline for the contest is 12 th July , 2013 and the articles which are posted in Viral Content Buzz only in between 12 June to 12 July, 2013 will be taken into account.

Contest Video:

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