The Future in Smart Home Technology

Necessity is the mother of all invention. But in today’s fast-paced society, convenience has also become a major reason for technological advancements. Smartphones, for one, have combined the benefits of a mobile phone, a computer, and a camera in one neat and convenient package. It’s a pocket-sized all-in-one device, making many peoples’ lives much easier and more convenient.


The same principle applies in today’s homes. As smart home technology becomes even more integrated into American households, the possibilities are limitless. From bathroom fixtures, to kitchen appliances, smart home technology is making home-making a whole lot easier, giving more American consumers reason to ditch time-consuming practices in exchange for the more advanced alternatives. If you’re curious as to what the future of smart home devices could be like, here are a few examples:

Hand Dryers

Many people are choosing hand dryers over paper towels for environmental reasons. Others, however, are contending that paper towels dry hands faster are therefore better alternatives, especially for the busy people. This is why hand dryers infused with smart technology are created. Hand dryers equipped with 200kph-powered air jets are capable of drying hands in less than 15 seconds. They’re also armed with smartly placed sensors, activating the air jets once hands are detected. What’s next for smart hand dryers? A 5 to 10-second drying capacity seems highly possible.

Microwave Ovens :

Future microwave ovens will not only heat and cook food faster for you. They will also tell you what you can cook. Sounds hilarious? Think again. The next generation of microwave ovens will be synced with smart refrigerators, enabling a mundane piece of appliance like an oven to suggest dishes and recipes to you based on what your fridge contains.

Refrigerators :

Living a hectic life can make you forget that you’ve already run out of fresh milk or orange juice. The solution: smart refrigerators. A smart fridge can give you an inventory of the food items you still have, those you need to buy, and those that you need to throw out (remember expiration dates?). Some models of smart fridge can also download and suggest recipes.

Shower Heads :

Isn’t it frustrating trying to get the right amount of cold and hot water when you shower only to have somebody else change it, leaving you to do it all over again the next morning? With smart shower heads, this scenario would be a thing of the past. Soon, smart shower heads will be capable of storing user profiles, adjusting the water temperature and pressure based on user preferences. That means even if somebody else adjusted the heater, you’d still get the same quality of water, just the way you like it.

Virtual Home Office :

The number of Americans working at home is increasing every year. This is because telecommuting has become even more possible due to countless innovations in the telecommunications industry. With internet and VoIP technology, setting up a virtual office at home has become quite easy. You’re no longer confined to work in just one area. It’s mobility at its finest. And by the looks of it, the world will soon become your professional playground.

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