DSYNC – A System Integration Platform for Fintech, Retail and Healthcare

In this era of technology, more and more businesses are starting to take their systems into cloud. But while doing these, sometimes a huge gap gets created where the old system cannot talk with the new cloud based systems. This gap can make a huge difference to the business as it kills the efficiency of the work process. Here comes the need of a bridge which can connect the old system with the new system so that they can communicate with each other. DSYNC is the integration tool which makes the bridge between the old and new system. By doing this, DSYNC improves the productivity by reducing manual entry process in the system. DSYNC is the best tool to use when data flow is not smooth in between different departments.


The idea of DSYNC came from the brain of two person, Martin Novak and Simon Church who together have been working with FinTech companies, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturer’s drop-shippers for the past 27 years. The philosophy of DSYNC is to create a platform that can collect all platforms. DSYNC is currently operating from the USA and Australia to provide their service all over the world.

Company Profile:

  • Co-founded by Martin Novak and Simon Church in 2015.
  • Seed funded US $1.5 Million.
  • The integration market is valued globally at US $500 billion.
  • Selected by National Retail Federation (NRF) as a company to change retail in 2016.

QUOTES From the Founders:

“We are very proud of the team for developing state of the art technology. Our technology can be used to join both legacy and cloud applications together quickly and easily” – noted Martin Novak, CIO DSYNC

“By utilising DSYNC, organizations can reduce manual entry, increase efficiencies, find ways to improve revenue and have complete visibility over networks ” – noted Simon Church, COO & Co-Founder DSYNC


You can see three systems in the above picture. This is also show how the 3 independent systems can connect with each other in a friendly manner. .


From the above picture, you can see a dashboard of DSYNC.  product_snapshot_3

DSYNC is a kind of cloud integration platform which can handle high volume transactions for fintech (financial technology), retail and healthcare. This can easily integrate disparate legacy and cloud applications together. This integration can be done in  website, sales channels, email, crm, loyalty, point of sale, accounting, inventory and many more interactive business services. One of the best things about DSYNC is that it can connect both cloud applications and on-premise in real time. DSYNC is user friendly and requires zero programming skill.

 Core Features of DSYNC:

  • Maket-disruptive pricing (high affordability).
  • User friendly visual tool with drag and drop feature.
  • Zero programming skill required to use it.
  • Live data in near real time.
  • Caters for high volume.
  • Integration within a minute.
  • Transform data between multiple systems.
  • Push data in multiple directions.
  • On-premise or cloud based systems.
  • Built tough for retailers, banks and healthcare.

The DSYNC users can define business rules between systems. The system is so intelligent and user friendly that it can enables the user to map and view data flow. The integration process takes around 15-20 minutes which is really fast. The integration itself does not require the user to be a developer and requires no coding.

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