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An animation project means technology and creativity will go hand in hand. Only skilled people will be able to pull off such a project. Though there are freelance animators available, they can hardly match the benefits of an established 3D animation studio India.

Benefits of an animation studio


Cost is always a key factor. If you work with an animation studio then you will have to pay less than working with freelancers. If you fully outsource the entire production process, then it can turn out to be very expensive as several freelancers will be required to work. You will also have to keep an eye on the project by spending your valuable time.


A studio will finish the work much faster. Here you will interact directly with the director who will work with other staff like the animators, illustrators and editors. This will reduce the time required to manage people. You will be stress free and a lot of your time will also be saved.

Creative process-

An important benefit of working with a 3D animation studio India is that you get to enjoy more control over the project’s creative side. You have more freedom of expression as the medium of animation is very dynamic. Thanks to modern technology, 3D animation is blurring the line between virtual and real.

No if you want high quality animation work, you need to hire the right studio. Just selecting a random studio will not work out in most cases.

Which Points You Need to Give Importance before Hiring a Studio?

1. The first step that you must take is shortlist an animation studio with a good portfolio of diverse work or the kind of work that matches your requirement.  An extensive portfolio indicates that the animation studio is quite experienced. If they already worked on projects similar to your then you can be hopeful that they will execute your project quite well.

2.  Understand the work process and methods of the animation studio. Ask for timelines and deliverables  A reliable studio will be able to tell in convincing fashion when and how the project can be completed.

3. Go for a 3D animation studio that maintains good communications. This means   they should be quick to respond to phone calls or mails. In case of personal visits, they should give you proper attention. If a studio does not return your calls or mails for long time then it can be guessed that they are not interested in the project very much.

4.  After giving them the basic idea of what is the nature of your animation project to the animation studio, see what concepts they come up with. If you do not like their idea then it is no point working with them.  Also ask them to give you detailed quotes so that you can see whether the charges are justified or not.

5. Also it is important that you hire a studio with permanent animators. Some studios hire freelancers and introduce them as staff. In such a place, you can hardly expect to get good animation work.

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