Steps to Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress is very popular with online masses as it can be work out on any platform. It presents the content in such manner that the content appears on the Internet within the reach of Internet surfers with different categories.

WordPress is unquestionably, a superior obsession, which allocates sharing of information via online.


WordPress is popular, so many issues also crop up, and in short, we all know that the vast usage brings security issue and hackers will try to locate weakness.

In Web, not a single website can considered as a 100% secure, but by taking below given step, user can at least, try to make WordPress site secure. Below are the steps to secure your WordPress website:

Delete “Admin” User:

Admin is the default user with administrative benefits on most WordPress. This is uncomplicated and simple to speculate it as a prevalent deployment on WordPress sites. It suggested that you delete your “Admin” user and create another user with an uncommon username to access your site.

Selecting the Best and Appropriate Web Host :

Users need to select the right web host as almost any host can run WordPress, but just because it can; it does not mean it should. We advise in utilizing a web host that obtains additional security measures with WordPress in wits.

Users make use of WP Engine for all of their possessions, and completely advocate them for anyone who is severe about security and speed.

WP Engine has extraordinary customer hold up and a security assurance, implication regarding your site negotiated, as they will end the schedule to get it fixed.

Run Security Scans :


Running security scan is the excellent method to decide if your site has any issue. The most executed as well as favorite tool is Sucuri, which in fact provides a free website scanner on their website, and a WordPress plugin.

Securi does provide a premium plan per year where they not only frequently check your site for security reasons but they will even fix them for you.

Limit Login Attempts :

Restraining of how many times a person can endeavor to log into your site is a huge method to stop a kind of hack called “Brute Force Attacks.”

This is time for any hacker tries to gain access to your site by attempting so to crack your password by using random combinations.

The plugin Limit Login Attempts is best method to prevent Brute Force Attacks in their tracks. A perfect setup of this plugin is that after three incorrect username/password submissions, a user will locked out of WordPress for 20 minutes.

Secure FTP : 

FTP is one of the most widespread methods of right to use the files of any website. Regrettably, FTP not very secure, all files in addition to passwords delivered on the web in simple text, anyone with the appropriate skill set can easily view all the information passed over from your computer to your website.

Update WordPress, Themes & Plugins : 

Every WordPress update includes security patches along with other developments. In the most recent chief update, 3.5, WordPress image up-loader developed from the bottom up making it much quicker and simple to utilize.

By updating your site on daily basis, you can diminish the issue of having your site exploited because of an outdated version of WordPress. The same concept applies to WordPress Themes and Plugins.


Backup is something that will assist you out in many ways to eliminate stress. Many free Plugins out there will surely assist you to provide backup to your site and they are as follows Amazon S3, Dropbox, or even an FTP server of your selection.

Harden File Permissions:

Having relaxed file permissions is a common mistake that website owners make, which can allow intruders easy access to your entire site. A file’s permissions establish that who have right to access that file, and whether they authenticated to read, write, or perform that file. The WordPress Codex a congeal WordPress article which has references on permissions which is a great position to start.

No “Soup Kitchen” Servers: 

A “Soup Kitchen” server is such that when a user has both a production site and a test site all in on the same server. You should constantly slice your development and production servers if achievable.


Users of WordPress if take this steps seriously then you can drastically diminish the danger of your WordPress site. This will minimize the danger of your site being hacked.


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