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If you are blog or website owner then you know that this is very important to get a lot of social share from the people of social media for your blog posts. After the organic search result, the most important source that can make your content viral and can provide your content a lot of traffic is social media. Now-a-days, business promotion, content promotion, article marketing and branding are getting boost from social media. A successful social campaign can bang your business and you cannot imagine the viral effect of social media. Also the search giant Google is keeping this in mind and one of the parameters to judge one website is how much social signal one site is getting from social media.

Keeping all this in mind, one website stared its journey and people are getting good results from this site. The name of the website is Viral Content Buzz. ViralContentBuzz helps you to get free traffic from social media and you can get free social shares for your blog post or content.


How Social Share Can Help You?

This is normal to ask the question that why you need social share from others because you can do it by yourself through your social media profile. You can post one article and content and then you can share it in social media and then ask your friends to like or share it. But in this way you cannot get maximum social share. When you are only sharing the article in your own social media profile, only the persons who are added with you are getting information about this and if you do it continuously, there is a chance that within no time your social media friends will loose interest about your monotonous shares. But if other people who are not even known to you and can be from any part of the world, if they are sharing your content then the action is viral. Let me make it more clear.

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Without Viral Content Buzz:

Suppose you live in France, so most of your friends in Facebook are from France and you have around 400 friends. Now if you share your content in your social media profile may be around 300 people will get the article in their news feed on Facebook and let around 100 people will click on it (assuming maximum), so the number of traffic that your article is getting, is 100 which are all from France.

ViralContentBuzz E = mC2 Effect of Viral Content Buzz:

Join Viral Content Buzz Now!

Now you just assume that you are a member of Viral Content Buzz and you have added your article in Viral Content Buzz. Now what Viral Content Buzz will give you, is social share from different genuine social profile from different parts of the world.

ViralContentBuzzSuppose, you have earned 50 credits by sharing others article through your Facebook profile and you have added this 50 credits to your article, now what will happen, others will start sharing your article. Let, you have got 10 Facebook share and 5 Twitter tweets with this credit. Now calculate, if from one Facebook profile, if you get at least 100 traffics then from 10 profile you will get 10×100 = 1000 genuine traffic. If they like your article, they will put Facebook like or will share it. Let, that percent is 5% so again 5×10=50 shares, from those 50 shares, let from each profile you will get 50 traffic from each profile so 50×50=2500 and so on and so on…. if your article is worth reading.

So, the total number of traffic you are getting is 1000+2500+ … … = 3500 (minimum) approx. So, this is how the social media buzz works. Viral Content Buzz is also designed like the same way.

How to Get Social Buzz from Viral Content Buzz?

Join Viral Content Now!

This is very easy to get “Social Buzz” from Viral Content Buzz.

1. At first you need to register in Viral Content Buzz here and then you need to add your major social profiles like Facebook, Twitter profile etc. Because through these profiles you are going to earn credits which you will use for your own project.

2. The second thing you need to do is to add your project which means your article link, and the brief summary of article. You can also choose in which social media you want to share your project. Like you can choose StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter. You also need to add some credits so that your project runs. After all this, your project will be in the queue for review. Within very short time, the Viral Content Buzz team will review your content and your project will be running.

3. If you add more than 30 or only 30 credits then your project will be in first page or front page and your project will get maximum exposure and you will get shares within a very short time.

4. While earning credits, you can either share your article in your Facebook time line or you can also share this in your Facebook page if you think that your Facebook friends will get annoyed with your continuous article share. You can also Tweet to get credits.

5. You can choose your own category while adding your project and you can also choose category while sharing projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Just join in Viral Content Buzz today and get a lot of social shares within a very short time and make your own brand popular over the web.

Rakhi Roy

The write of this article is Rakhi Roy who also writes for her own pet related blog Petcare and she is a passionate blogger.

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