SMS, Calling and Click to Call Services Have Improved Communication

Communicating and keeping track of people who are trying to be in touch with you was never easier. With options like texting, calling and receiving a missed call alerts, this process has become all too easy.


There is a belief that if you really want to talk to someone or communicate with a person, that really happens. Well, in an age where there are so many options for communicating, it is hardly a problem to talk to another person. In fact, even if you miss a call, you can get alerts for it and come to know who called you and at what time. The mobile phone enables to send SMS and to talk to whoever you want at your preferable time.

We have all been calling people from our phones and mobile phones. But now with the internet blooming, we can use the click to call service to call by just clicking an object like a button or an image. This is largely a web based application and all you need to do is provide the number you want to call and click the image that will help make this call possible. The intermediary service that is associated with the internet service calls the intended recipient and then you can talk. These are inexpensive calls and you might need proper audio speakers and microphone facilities in your computer to talk. If you are not in a mood to talk, you can also send text messages. Many a times you will be able to send one message to multiple recipients. This is possible with the help of the internet and in order to do so you need an SMS gateway or the internet server that enables this process. There are quite a few SMS gateway providers in India who use SMS API to enable you to send free SMS.

This was all about calling and texting. But what happens when you miss a call? Well, you can still get the update with the help of missed call service. When you call someone and the person misses your call, then normally the mobile phone indicates this call as a missed call. But at times your phone might not be in coverage area or you may be on the flight while people are trying to call you. At that time, the call will not be registered as a missed call, but your service provider will send you a message that will give you details about the calls you missed. This is the missed call service that can help you to keep track of the calls you missed.


In today’s world, the mode of communication and keeping track of people who are trying to be in touch with each other was never easier without the options like texting, calling and receiving a missed call alerts. This process has become all too easy with the advent of cloud based technology.

Suresh Kumar

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