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With the invention of internet service for mobile phones and later the introduction of highly featured Smartphones, the number of internet users on mobile devices has grown to a large extent. So, here are certain tricks to get a better speed while using mobile internet.

Mobile Modem: 

If you are using a mobile modem to use the internet service available on your SIM card on your laptop or a computer system, then it can be said that you are using mobile internet on a PC. In this case, you should upgrade to the latest firmware of the device that you are using to connect to your SIM’s internet connection to your PC. The update can be made available to improve the strength of the signal, fix any bugs present in the system and also can improve the overall functionality of the system.

Network Quality: 

There are certain spots that offer the best network quality for the internet connection you are using. Try browsing the internet by moving to any hot spot near your location. You can get the details of a hot spot from the service provider’s website or from their customer care representative.

Mobile Internet:

Another trick to catch a better signal is to move the device you are using mobile internet on, to a higher or an open place. Since, walls pose a blockage to the internet signal strength and thus using at a lower level in a house or any building will cause the signal caught to be decayed or of lower strength, which will affect the speed of your internet connection.

Signal Booster: 

If possible, you can also improve the capability of your mobile device or the mobile modem to catch a better quality of signals. You can achieve this by adding a signal booster type antenna to the jack of your device where the original antenna is connected. The signal booster attached to the antenna jack can help improve the range of your device to catch farther and better signals to provide you a better internet service.

Better Speed: 

Another tip to use the mobile internet at a better speed is to use the service when the peak hours are over. Since, the signal is delivered over the air, and the speed of the connection depends on the number of users, thus, using the service when the number of users is less can help you enjoy a faster browsing.

Faster Browser:

If you are using the internet service on your mobile phone, particularly a smart phone, then you can get a better speed of browsing with downloading and using a faster browser. A faster browser helps you load pages faster because it renders the page on its remote server before displaying it on your mobile screen, thus, saving a lot of time and the power of processing of your device.

Internet Connection on Your PC: 

You can also increase the speed of your internet connection on your PC by modifying some settings on your system. You need to go to the network properties and change the value of the option for “Maximum Speed” in the properties to select the maximum value available. This will allow your device attached to fetch the maximum available speed.


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