Share Article in Facebook Page Technically – Get Maximum Attention !

If you are a blogger or a website owner or a small online business owner then i am sure that you must have one Facebook fan page. If you do not have one or did not create then you must need to create one today right now. Now, the main point of the discussion is “What is the technique to share your article in Facebook so that it attracts your maximum fans?

In the below part of this blog post i am going to describe you the above technique.

How to Share Article Link in Facebook Page Technically to Get Maximum Attention from Fans?

If you are having a Facebook fan page and is having a good number of fan for that fan page, then why don’t you use those fans or utilize those fans? If you have a blog then i am sure that you post articles regularly in that blog. Share those in the Facebook fan page. But one point, do not do it in a normal way like others do. I am sure that  you have seen a lot of people sharing their blog post in their Facebook fan page just like links. It will not attract your fans a lot. Because these are the regular links that those people saw regularly. Why don’t you make those links a bit smarter , bit more impressive to get the attention of your visitors? So, how to do it? Simple, upload a big picture in your Facebook fan page and then provide some title of that picture or write technically one line about that picture and add then say “If you want to know more then go to this link (Your post link!)”. What do you think? Is it impressive? I think it will work. Below picture shows the example of that:


 I am getting the result good and i have the result with me right now. In past when i just shared the link in my Facebook fan page, i used to get only 2 – 3 likes and only few visitors. But right now i have getting a good number of visitor from this technique. You can also use this technique to increase your view and this is one of the best ways to utilize your Facebook fans.

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