Seven Tips to Consider while Choosing the Best Domain Name

Choosing a domain name requires careful consideration and precision. Since it gives an identity on your web making sure it only fits your business. Choosing the best domain name ensures success in your website and brand ensuring top ranking. The domain name plays a fundamental role when one is searching for content and visibility. A good domain name ensures a positive impression to the visitor looking at you content and also basically defines your brand. Choosing a domain name is an easy and fast process to your website. Here is an article on tips on how to pick a perfect domain name.

But first let’s look at the two different types of domain name. First there is a brandable or creative domain name this is unique and precise, while generic domain name has keywords and unmemorable.

  1. Consider using keywords

In order for your website or brand to have a high ranking, it is advisable to use keywords. They help clearly define what content to find in your web. Take some time to brainstorm ideas and mash them together to make a perfect keyword that is right and makes sense according to your brand. They also help improve your SEO ranking. The trick here is to once you come up with your keyword put them at the beginning of your domain. This helps most at ranking at the top.

  1. Make it easy to type and pronounce

One thing that is common among the most popular websites is they are easy to type and pronounce. Well, having an easy domain not only does it allow visitors to login without a problem but also ensure potential visitors don’t end up to a different website due to spelling mistakes. Avoid using difficult words, long URL, and slang language which can easily frustrate visitors.

  1. Avoid use of numbers and hyphens

By having numbers and hyphens makes your domain name more difficult hence may result to mistype going to the unintended site. Number most confuse one wondering where it is in numerical or spelt out. To avoid unwanted results ensure your domain name is smooth less punchy, numbers and hyphens.

  1. Think long term

While coming up with a domain name think of a long term domain name since it is one of the most important segment that defines your website and brand for years. Having short term domain names may cost one money and SEO ranking in future while you decide to expand your business or decide to change it to suit your goals.

  1. Check whether the chosen name is available on social media and trademarks

To avoid legal issues from other uses always avoid names that have trademarks. It is easy to check whether your potential domain name has a trademark but simply checking via a tool known as KNOWEM. However, it is advisable to have domain name that is across the social networks. This helps create familiarity, build your brand and make it easy for potential visitors and customers easily find your web.

  1. Make it unique and memorable

It is essential to have a catchy, memorable and unique domain this helps create your brand to higher levels. Having a domain that resembles another web is a bad idea in your marketing your brand since it creates confusion to customers. It is also advisable not to choose a trending domain name it may lead you to the wrong path since it will never always be trending. Having a problem coming up with the best and unique domain worry less internet can be of much help by use of tools such as DOMAINSBOT or NAMEMESH or SuggestMeDomain.

  1. Use .com

Many internet users are used to the TLD .com hence they are more confident while using it. This enables your brand to expand and grow at fast rates hence having a promising future. This also helps one rank top with world top websites. Use of .com in your domain name plays a big role in overall search engine hence easy to find in the web by a customer or visitor.


The domain name you choose use has significant impact to the potential and success of your brand. Before settling on to any name take some time and brainstorm the best to meet your goals of the website. It is advisable to use your name when starting a blog or a personal website this helps one become more recognisable hence becoming a household in online matters.

Andrew Vick

Andrew Vick is a blogger and webmaster. He build an innovative domain name generator This tool pairing your search word with other 3500+ vocabulary keywords (suffixes, prefixes, brand words and popular domain trends) and then instantly showing you catchy.

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