SEO Strategy For Successful SEO Campaigns

Recent updates in Google has changed many strategies of SEO, which was working for many websites earlier. Link building with same anchor text, keyword based content generation which was unethical from starting but has brought SEO rankings for sites which followed these strategies. But after Google Panda and Google Penguin update, every campaign needs particular attention as it is required for the new campaign. We have to mold our ongoing strategy to ensure the conversions that we were getting through organic rankings. Below are few tips to improve your SEO campaigns according to new updates.

Link Building- Google has made it clear through Penguin update that, back links should be thematic, should not use same anchor text and backlinks should not be a part of link farming websites. Also, targeting the same page again and again with all the anchor text is also not correct.

According to the quality parameters, your links should be evenly distributed among different anchor text and different pages. In fact, try to use 2-3 words in anchor text instead of using a single word. If you are running a local business than try to get back links from local blogs, university sites, review sites and nonprofit organization. These links will be considered as authority links and will add weight-age for your site.

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Exact Match Domain- Earlier, it was believed that search engines give preference to exact match domain, which matches exactly with the search queries. But Google out-ranked this criterion by declaring that, it has reduced ranking low-quality exact match domain in search results.

So if you have recently bought exact match domain, make sure that you maintain your website with regular postings & valuable content. Because for Google, websites which provide value to their readers and users considered to be more relevant.
Content Marketing- Google Panda was the first major update in Feb 2011 related to content. After that, there were series of Google Panda update in which Google updates or refreshes its database. Along with the duplicate content, content which has been created around keywords, which has been generated by search engines and not for the readers, is considered to be a spam content and it may badly affect your website’s ranking in search engines.

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Video Marketing- You can see through search results, that for many search queries videos have acquired first few positions, and honestly, people prefer watching a video rather than reading content. It’s your responsibility to make your website interesting by adding compelling content like images and videos on your website. But before adding videos to your website, upgrade your current hosting plan, because videos need higher bandwidth and more disk space on your hosting server. And if you are expecting more than 1000 visitors on your website than you must go for a dedicated server. You can get many reviews, attractive coupons and tips on HostGator World for different hosting plans.

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Social Media- Social media marketing has become quite important for every website. You may have judge the importance of Google Plus through +1 sharing in search engines. At present, there are 500 million plus users on Google Plus. Undoubtedly, Google Plus has competition with Facebook, and it has already entered into the league of biggest social sharing sites.

Also, it is important that whatever content you post on your site or on the behalf of your website it should be shared among social users. If you have created appealing & informative content for users or readers, then people can share it further which will create a buzz for your website generating more traffic for your website.

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